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  • White House to Puerto Rico Today: 'President Is Behind You.' White House on Puerto Rico on Monday Reportedly Had No Plan to Intervene.

    'Worse Than Katrina'

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    Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a message for the people of Puerto Rico: "The president is behind you, we all are, the entire country." But just days ago, the White House had a very different message: We have nothing planned for Puerto Rico.

    That's according to Holly O'Reilly, a Seattle singer-songwriter and political activist who in June penned a Washington Post op-ed about President Trump blocking her on Twitter.

    O'Reilly claims that a source "was on a conference call with FEMA on Monday," about the crisis in Puerto Rico, with Trump administration offices including the Coast Guard, FEMA, and the Dept. of Defense, among others. She says that, according to her source, after all the other federal agencies shared their plans for the U.S. territory, it was the White House's turn. 

    They had "nothing planned."

    NCRM has not verified this accounting, but given the White House's performance over the past week on Puerto Rico, it's certainly plausible. President Trump himself spent the weekend tweeting about the NFL, while ignoring Puerto Rico for five days straight.

    O'Reilly calls it "worse than Katrina."

    Here's her statement:

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