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  • Updated – Watch Live Now: NYPD Holding 'Thank You NYPD Rally' With Few Supporters, Many Protestors

    This is amazing. Live video now - developing story.

    Updates added to the bottom.

    There is an ill-advised Facebook page Thank you NYPD.




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    • commented 2014-12-21 06:54:05 -0500
      While I do not support bad police, and there are many, I do acknowledge that there are some good police but the majority seem to think they are entitled to god-like status. Respect is earned—not given—and the police I know feel they are entitled to respect. They are not when they use excessive force, when they are racists (as most are in the Midwest and southern states) or are cavalier about actions and words.

      More than sixty years ago (when I was young), the police did more than eat donuts, carry guns, pistol whip minorities and stand against people. In those days the police helped the elderly across streets, stood in line to assist at fires, rescued animals and children who were in dire circumstances, visited schools and knew the names of children on their watch, visited stores without seeking a shakedown, etc. It seems most cops today are paranoid of whom they are alleged to “serve and protect” and are on the offense against others. The rise of racism and hatred with the election of Reagan and the Bushes is evident everywhere.

      While many valiant police worked 9/11 and saved lives, this is small in number compared to those thugs who beat up participants at Stonewall in NYC, those who have sodomized blacks in most major cities with their night sticks, the increasing number who are extortionists especially in Chicago, who are members of the KKK in the south and in the Midwest, etc. I do not trust police as, from personal experience, I know they lie in court, they falsify records, and they feel privileged as a group. Hopefully the “old days” return and the officers become a contributing part of the community again. I doubt it will happen—as most are like the Sheriff of Nottingham and there is no Robin Hood.

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