• Source: Sky News
  • Watch: Dubai Hotel Fire Explosion – Streaming And Recorded Video

    A horrific inferno is blazing in a Dubai skyscraper hotel as the city celebrates New Year's Eve.

    The 63-story Address Hotel in Dubai is engulfed in flames after a fire broke out at about 9:30 PM local time.

    Here is a live video feed via Sky News:

    Here is CNN's coverage of the fire and explosion when it happened:

    And from another angle:

    The New York Post reports about 14 people have ben injured, but it seems likely that number will increase substantially. 

    “It will not affect the celebration,” said Maj. Gen. Rashed al-Matrushi, general director of the Dubai Civil Defense.

    The government said on its Twitter feed that civil defense teams and staff were evacuating the hotel, which oppened [sic] in 2008 and has 196 rooms starting at about $500 a night and 626 apartments serviced by the hotel staff.


    This is a breaking news and developing story. Details may change. This story will be updated. Stay tuned and refresh for updates.

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