• Source: CNN/Twitter
  • Watch: First Family's Historic Arrival in Cuba (Photos, Video)

    First Sitting President to Step on Cuban Soil in Almost 90 Years

    President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, along with Sasha and Malia Obama landed at José Martí International Airport, just outside Havana, Cuba late Sunday afternoon. The visit is historic, the first by a sitting President of the United States since 1928, nearly 90 years ago.

    "Back in 1928, President Coolidge came on a battleship, it took him three days to get here," President Obama said today. "It only took me three hours."


    Yahoo News Chief Washington Correspondent Olivier Knox:

    "It's the rain of prosperity, arriving in Cuba."


    More via Twitter:

    Today is the anniversary of the start of President George W. Bush's war in Iraq:


    Image: Screenshot via CNN/Twitter

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    • commented 2016-03-21 15:01:44 -0400
      I am a fan of Obama, but I found it offensive to hear him lecturing the Cubans about human rights when the US is operating a prison in Guantanamo that violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    • commented 2016-03-21 12:01:54 -0400
      I remember when Obama first became President and he traveled around apologizing for the Bush administration. The GOP threw a fit. I personally loved that he wanted to make friends and keep the lines of communication open. Because he understands the world is small and we need to be working together to make it better for everyone is one of the reasons I voted for him both times. This is wonderful and I hope we can work things out between our countries. The GOP would rather go to war than offer a hand in peace. This is why we MUST vote.
      I am going to miss him and the family very much. No matter who gets the job next, they will never be the President he is.

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