• Source: Senate Democrats/Flickr
  • Two-Thirds of All Americans Want Senate to Hold Confirmation Hearing on Obama SCOTUS Nominee

    More Republicans Than Democrats Support Senate Supreme Court Hearing for an Obama Nominee

    A brand new CNN/ORC poll released Thursday shows the vast majority of all Americans want President Obama to nominate a Supreme Court replacement and even more want the Senate to hold confirmation hearings.

    Almost six out of ten Americans (58%) say "Barack Obama should nominate someone to fill the vacancy,":


     Nearly two-thirds of Americans (66%) say "the Republican leadership in the Senate should ... hold hearings on the nominee.":


    Americans, given the nature of politics today, are split on they ideological background they would like to see in a Supreme Court nominee.

    37 percent want to "keep the Court as it was," 32 percent want a Court "more liberal than it currently is," and 29 percent want a Court "more conservative than it currently is."

    The White House Press Secretary was only too happy to tweet the poll today:


    Image by Senate Democrats via Flickr and a CC license


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