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  • Tweet of the Day: Mitt Romney

    Former GOP Presidential Nominee Bashes Current Frontrunner

    Mitt Romney just took to Twitter to slam Donald Trump for refusing to disavow the KKK and David Duke on national television Sunday.

    Romney himself was accused of being pushing a "big, racist lie," during the campaign, and President Barack Obama reportedly was angered after Romney's call to concede the 2012 election.

    David Axelrod wrote in his 2015 book, Believer: My 40 Years in Politics, that Obama was "unsmiling during the call, and slightly irritated when it was over."

    Romney, as The Huffington Post noted, "also reportedly told Obama that he had done a good job getting out the vote in Cleveland and Milwaukee, which Obama interpreted to mean black people."

    "That's what he thinks this was all about," Obama said, according to Axelrod.

    But the former Massachusetts governor was much more receptive to Trump in 2012, when the Manhattan billionaire endorsed him for president. 

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