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  • Tweet of the Day: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Flint

    The Michigan governor offers an "explanation" for the Flint drinking water crisis.

    Rick Snyder, using Michigan's emergency manager law, replaced the government of Flint with someone whose purpose was to run the city and cut costs as much as humanly possible. Or, even, perhaps inhumanly.

    One result was the switch of Flint's drinking water to the Flint River, causing corrosion of the city's water delivery infrastructure – pipes – and the poisoning of its residents.

    Stunningly, GOP Gov. Rick Snyder, posted this tweet Sunday night Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both called for his resignation at the Democratic Debate:

    Let's look at that again.

    "This was never about money. This was a failure of government at all levels that could be described as a massive error of bureaucracy."

    How many false statements can you find in those two sentences? Because it was entirely about money – drastically cutting costs, human life be damned. 

    And it is the standard response of the Republican party: government is always bad, always the problem. 

    In this case, government was the problem, but his government, his ignoring of concerns voiced before and after the switch was made. 

    Arrogance. More arrogance.

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    • commented 2016-03-07 16:19:44 -0500
      Oops… Well, who is the head of the bureaucracy in MICHIGAN?

    • commented 2016-03-07 16:17:45 -0500
      Well, who is the head of the bureaucracy in Wisconsin?

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