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  • Trump: 'Very Good Guy' Tony Perkins Wrote Part Of My Liberty University Speech (Video)

    Donald Trump Admits Seeking Advice From Infamous Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader

    Defending that he said "Two Corinthians" instead of the commonly-accepted "Second Corinthians" during his Liberty University speech this week, Donald Trump Thursday admitted that Tony Perkins wrote at least that part of his speech. The GOP presidential frontrunner made the admission in an interview Wednesday evening with CNN's Don Lemon, who blasted him for the error, an error that was a clear sign of just how unfamiliar Trump actually is with the Bible.

    "Frankly," Trump told Lemon, "Tony Perkins wrote that out for me, Tony thought it would be great. He knew I was going to Liberty, he has a great respect for Liberty."

    Most of Trump's speech was his basic stump speech with only a few changes for his audience, as several pundits noted.

    Trump went on to describe Perkins – the long-time head of the Family Research Council that under his leadership became an anti-gay hate group – as "a very very good guy."

    Trump and Perkins have rarely been linked together, but this slip up reveals the depths of the far-right Trump is willing to access to further his political aspirations.

    Perkins, who has revealed a strong appetite to run for political office again, likely sees attaching his bandwagon to the Trump empire as beneficial, praising him over the summer.

    "Donald Trump is the result of a Republican leadership here in Washington, D.C. that has been playing political footsies with Barack Obama rather than fisticuffs," Perkins said. "People are tired of it, and that includes evangelicals."

    This new revelation should concern the LGBT community, who so far has mostly escaped Trump's racist and xenophobic attacks on Mexicans and Muslims.


    Images of Trump and Perkins by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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    • commented 2016-01-21 16:29:22 -0500
      And, the dynamite stuffed rag-haired doll just snuggled up with another ignorant viper. By Tony. When this blows up, you’re going with it. Teehee.

    • commented 2016-01-21 13:44:31 -0500
      You are known by the company you keep. Seems like Trump really doesn’t want to be President. He is doing everything he can to bet kicked out of the GOP. Problem is he makes a few of the clowns in the car appear rational. That is scary.
      To Mark Lewis below, Yes they would continue to endorse a candidate who lies in bed with a right wing hate group. They don’t care who’s boots they lick to get the few crumbs tossed at them. These sub-humans are an embarrassment to the LGBT population.

    • commented 2016-01-21 11:40:29 -0500
      I think of the Log Cabin republicans every time something like this comes up. Would they still endorse a candidate who lies in bed with a right wing hate group?

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