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  • How's This For Proof Mike Pence Is Lying When He Says His Anti-Gay Bill Isn't About Discrimination?

    Governor Mike Pence says the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act "isn't about discrimination." He's lying. And he's literally surrounded by professional anti-gay activists. Here's how you can prove it.

    Some of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's guests at the signing of the state's "license to discriminate" bill look familiar to...

    Posted by GLAAD on Sunday, March 29, 2015

    On Thursday when Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed his Religious Freedom Restoration Act in to law, he did so in a private ceremony that was closed to the press and the public. Minutes after he signed the discriminatory bill into law, he or his staff posted a photo of Governor Pence surrounded by what the press was told were religious and faith leaders:

    “This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination in any way in Indiana, I would have vetoed it," Pence said in a statement announcing the signing.

    As it turns out, that photograph is damning evidence Governor Pence is lying about the intent behind his Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

    So is this one. It was posted by Micah Clark, a professional anti-gay activist:

    This afternoon, GLAAD posted an image (above) revealing that not everyone surrounding Gov. Pence in the signing photo is a religious or faith leader.

    "Some of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's guests at the signing of the state's 'license to discriminate' bill look familiar to us," GLAAD writes on Facebook.

    This image was created by Twitter user @seamonkey237.

    It reveals three of the people surrounding Gov. Pence are professional anti-gay activists. Here are excerpts from their résumés, thanks to GLADD's Commentator Accountability Project:

    Micah Clark, Head of the American Family Association of Indiana:

    Claims that "homosexuality has no societal benefit...and its individually destructive and dangerous."

    Curt Smith, President of Indiana Family Institute: 

    Admits: "...I believe homosexuality is harmful to all, including society, and is against the teachings of the God of the Bible..."

    Equates homosexuality with bestiality and adultery

    Eric Miller, Exec. Director of Advance America, Indiana's leading anti-LGBT org.:

    Claims “[b]anning same-sex marriages and civil unions will prove to be the greatest moral battle of this generation.”

    Distributed fear flier falsely claiming that pastors could be jailed for preaching against homosexuality once same-sex marriage passes

    Here's seamonkey237's tweet with the image:

    And another version:

    Share these images far and wide, and tag them with #RFRA.


    Image via Twitter

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    • commented 2016-07-25 17:38:08 -0400
      There is no proof of any bios or lies. You see M Pence is standing on the Word and trying to allow those who will be held accountable for the same (stand on the word) to have the right to do so. By creating law that protect the rights and fend off the desolation your choice brings. To try to make you understand how the word, God’s law will be applied in the eternal future. That you have no eternal spot in Gods house, in Jesus’ time when our time has ended.

      You folks need to understand that God is against your life style, God made things to fit in certain ways, places and in a blessed natural relationship. Square pegs won’t fit in round wholes, so Gods creation is made to fit the way He intended and will judge all of us in the same vain. We do it His WAY!

      Please remember and never forget “When Jesus Rocks Heads Will Roll”. Jesus did not come to propagate in the flesh, but in the spirit. So your sexual analysis is ludicrous on it face. Now your problem and/or argument is not with M Pence, it’s with the one who has the Last Word on Judgement Day. When the truth is revealed (end of life) all postings and imbecilic beliefs (opinions/assumptions) will end: then every knee will bow and ever tongue will confess Jesus is Lord, to the Glory of God. Which will be the only word you can and will say. (PERIOD)

    • commented 2015-04-04 01:52:17 -0400
      One more thing, if you believe Jesus never had any sexual or romantic relationships, then that means Jesus was asexual/aromantic and would be considered a sexual minority.

    • commented 2015-04-04 01:44:21 -0400
      I love how people are so quick to argue for " religious freedom" as if they are the only ones who live on this planet. Wake up! If this was really being done in “the name of Jesus”, then why are Christians ok with supporting things like judgement and gluttony? In fact, if people want to say, “I don’t want to serve you because you’re gay and it goes against my religion,” then why can’t I say, " if you are fat and a Christian, then I don’t want to serve you because I do not support your gluttonous lifestyle?" I am not trying to bring anyone down for their weight because I used to weigh 300lbs when I used to be Christian. Proverbs 25:2 makes it very clear, " put a knife to ones throat unless he feeds into his appetite." Yet Christians have no problem supporting unhealthy organizations such as mcdonalds or chick-fil-a. So as a gay man can I fire a fat Christian who “doesn’t agree with my lifestyle” if I suspect them of gluttony because it goes against my religious beliefs? I am not knocking anyone for their religious beliefs and I understand everyone has different viewpoints, but you can’t pick and choose bible verses to oppress one group of people to praise another group of people. Jesus definitely wouldn’t stand for what the Christian church in America is doing today. Have we forgotten that he was a Jew and spoke Hebrew? Or the fact king James was homosexual himself and the NIV bible had an open lesbian on board to help translate? Education sets us free. And to the Christians Who have a problem with what I’m saying please read Matthew chapter 7:1-8. You are not my god and I do not have to answer to any of you. Unless you’re saying you’re god cannot work outside the realms of Christianity then I guess he wouldn’t be fully omnipotent then would he ;)

    • commented 2015-03-31 17:32:32 -0400
      P.s. this picture PROVES NOTHING.

    • commented 2015-03-31 17:29:13 -0400
      James Loomis, I like you! I agree with your posts. Micheal simmons, sorry your wrong. If I were a business owner I reserve the right to reserve the RIGHT to not serve anyone! If only because I don’t like the color of your socks! If a bakery doesn’t want to make the frigging cake , move on to the one down the street! Why would anyone want to force someone to bake for them?? I’d be afraid to do that! Hey, they’d make the cake and make it taste really bad and who’s screwed then??? ?Most businesses want your business! They won’t turn you away! So why is it that a bakery should be forced to overlook their beliefs to accommodate yours? Is that being tolerant of another? No. It’s forcing your beliefs down their throats! Will you allow them to come to you home and have bible study? Doubt it! Gay marriage will never be accepted by everyone. Ever. Get over that, some people j u st can’t handle it. Stick with the ones who can. I’m a Christian. If I had a bakery I’d bake your cake. I believe that being gay is against God’s will but I know that he hates the sin loves the sinner and their sin is no greater than mine or yours. I’ll leave the judging up to God. Oh and when my daughter came out…. I still love her! Very much! Did I celebrate and say YEAH MY DAUGHTER IS GAY HARRAH! …..NO I didn’t. Ill love her no matter who she loves. Do I like it..? No. But I’d make her wedding cake and she’d never sue a bakery for refusing. She’s just decent and tolerant that way.

    • commented 2015-03-31 13:35:14 -0400
      William King… don’t be an ignorant fool. Read the constitution sometime. If the (mostly) Christians who founded this country and created that document WANTED to create a theocracy, they could have. Instead they enshrined freedom OF religion in the constitution… the establishment clause. I strongly suggest you get a grip and stop raving about theocrats. I shows your lack of comprehension of our constitution and it embarrasses you.

    • commented 2015-03-31 11:18:58 -0400
      The people who supported and voted this bill into law are Dominionists, and Dominionists are nothing more than facist Christian theocratic assholes who are trying to subvert and destroy our Constitution and establish a theocracy in America. As you can see they are working very hard at it, as 20 other states have passed similar laws.
      Good people of Indiana: I strongly suggest and urge you to remove the people responsible for this legislation from office. Impeach Governor Pence and your Lt. Governor, and recall every single Dominionist who voted this bill into law. Do not allow these theocrats to destroy your economy and your lives by tolerating their existence in your state government. Save yourselves and help save America from their clutches.

    • commented 2015-03-31 02:32:02 -0400
      Ahhh… another person who assumes that because they believe something is so, it must be. So I guess, in the case of a bakery, anyone who is Christian (or Muslim for that matter) shall be allowed to operate a bakery without sooner or later being forced to violate one’s beliefs? Does this apply to bakeries that began business prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage? I suppose the defensive maneuver is to simply stop making wedding cakes. Interestingly, the business is a private business. Not sure what you mean by “public sector.” So, tell me where it stops? You mean that every busy cannot refuse the business of any customer? Hmmm… that messes up all those “no shirt, no shoes, no service” guys. But seriously, let’s say I own and advertising agency. A gay organization approaches me to produce ads advocating gay marriage. Can I refuse this business? Or, because I do business with “the public”… should I be sued if I cite the fact that I don’t personally believe in the cause and thus can’t accept the work?

      Frankly, the agenda here is clear: crush those who have religious objections to same sex marriage. Force them to embrace it and celebrate it, or destroy their livelihoods rather than simply go to another bakery. Yes… tolerance. Let’s take down Chick-Fil-A because the CEO is a Christian and his religion teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. Let’s try to destroy the Duck Dynasty folks, because they’re Christian and don’t recant their beliefs. Or force out the CEO of Mozilla because years ago he donated to the Prop 8 campaign. You see a pattern here? If you disagree with us, you must be crushed or destroyed. The supposed victim has become the bully. In fact, the anti-Prop 8 forces published the names and addresses of all donors to the Prop 8 campaign. They even put a map online with the locations of their homes indicated as an intimidation tactic. Seems tolerant don’t you think?

      The right of states to determine this issue is routinely trampled upon. It’s commonly misunderstood, BTW, that Prop 8 was overturned. Actually SCOTUS rules that the Prop 8 defense team lacked standing. Why? Because despite Prop 8 winning by a significant margin, the will of California voters was defacto vetoed by the governor who refused to instruct the AG to defend the law in court because he personally disagreed with it. Yep… a governor’s personal beliefs ended up trumping the expressed desire of the majority of voters in California. Some tolerance. It’s called tyranny, and the left never has a problem with tyranny so long as it comes down in their favor.

    • commented 2015-03-31 02:05:23 -0400
      Gentlemen, the discussion at hand is very simple. If a store owner is in the public sector to serve the public interest’s than they are subject to the public’s whims and desires. If you open a Christian themed store and make that obvious than you attract those customers. If you open a store (such as a Bakery) and put out the ad’s that you make cakes for all occasions and then slam the door on a LGBT couple because it offends your Religious beliefs, than you are in the wrong business. If you serve the public, you serve all the public not just those you wish to cater too.

    • commented 2015-03-31 01:57:40 -0400
      No Gary. You’re un-American. You see… I can call names just like you. And the section of the Declaration of Independence has no bearing on this particular issue. Religious freedom is a fundamental value and right enumerated in the Constitution. What’s un-American is a government forcing a citizen to violate his/her own religious beliefs. Would you force Jewish-owned businesses to be open on Saturdays? How about forcing Quakers to join the military and fight? Before you take it upon to lecture anyone on what American values are, you should research it a bit more. Anybody who would trample a citizen’s deeply-held religious beliefs and force them for example to make a same-sex wedding cake, thus violating their religious values, rather than simply go to another bakery that doesn’t have a problem with it is tyrannical and intolerant and definitely un-American. If you dislike someone’s views, don’t patronize their business. If enough people feel like you do, they’ll lose customers and the market will take care of it. Why do you feel it’s an American value to crush those who disagree with your own views?

    • commented 2015-03-31 01:39:31 -0400
      James, No, I mean -This is not about “gay rights” or “religious freedom” – it’s about Human Rights and American Values.
      Those who wear hooded sheets or the mask of religiosity to disguise their motives pretend they are not bigots. Equality is the most fundamental American value – Equality for The People. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal…”. Those words are the cornerstone of the moral and legal foundation of our country.
      Anybody who doesn’t like that principle is un-American.

    • commented 2015-03-30 20:50:29 -0400
      GARRY HARRYMAN: You mean like “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan? If you like you doctor you can keep your doctor?”

    • commented 2015-03-30 13:31:57 -0400
      Is anyone else surprised the despite a token Rabbi, everyone else seems to be catholic. No Muslims, Buddists, or any other religions. I bet they tried to get a few Muslims for this photo op and they refused because they are not stupid, they know this bill will target them just as much as LGBT individuals.

    • commented 2015-03-30 11:48:24 -0400
      @vincent Mcelroy – Birth control doesn’t cause “aborted fetuses.” It prevents pregnancy all together – so no abortion can happen if you were not pregnant to begin with! Maybe you need to educate yourself before calling everyone else ignorant!

    • commented 2015-03-30 09:47:35 -0400
      Do you think you could read the law instead of reading into a picture!
      The law is the same law that has been on the federal books and 26 other states for 30 years!
      The only difference is that private business run by people faith can’t be forced by the federal Government to supply birth control that causes aborted fetuses!
      This is the Hobby Lobby law people, not the anti gay law!
      But go ahead and spew your hate without ever reading the law for yourself!
      Liberals all have one thing in common!
      Think for yourselves for once and actually read the law!

    • commented 2015-03-30 01:17:13 -0400
      We in the LGBT keep backing up, shielding our faces from these purveyors of deception. Enough. Because being gay is NOT illegal, these pathetic caricatures of “divi Ine wisdom” need to be made to answer for their incessant, perennial campaign of harassment. If they were really persons of Christian faith, they would be playing hard, assertively but cleanly and with truth. Since their reasons for harassing us is based on quack science, lies and religion, they lack complete credibility to opine, let alone legalize discrimination.

    • commented 2015-03-29 22:32:36 -0400
      Wish all company’s leave indiana… Screw that state…

    • commented 2015-03-29 22:11:10 -0400
      This just in : Hoosier governor hoisted on his own petard. Now, as he tries to “explain” his ALEC inspired actions, we hand the fool enough rope….

    • commented 2015-03-29 22:07:21 -0400
      While they say a photo is worth a thousand words. It’s not 100% proof but it does give a strong implication that this bill is not all that the good Governor is implying.

    • commented 2015-03-29 19:05:06 -0400
      Did you forget the first rule of American politics? – “When a Republican is talking he is lying and the truth is the opposite of what he is saying.”

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