• Source: Oblivion69/Twitter
  • This Marco Rubio Ted #CruzPhotoshop Fight Is Stupid, But Twitter Is Making It Hilarious

    Twitter is having way too much fun at Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz's expense – and it's awesome!

    The Marco Rubio campaign is furious – furious – with the Ted Cruz campaign over this clearly photoshopped ad showing Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama:

    It's so clearly photoshopped the Rubio campaign should have just ignored it, but they didn't.

    Rubio's squeals have now led Twitter to launch a #CruzPhotoshop mockery spoofing both candidates. It's gotten so much attention that even the stuffy Wall Street Journal couldn't help but enjoy it.

    So now, for your enjoyment, some of the best #CruzPhotoshops!


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    • commented 2016-02-20 03:59:32 -0500
      People have some REAL talent unlike those women who try and photoshop the bodies and bootays.

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