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  • Texas Teen Lured To Park By 'Friend' Then Viciously Beaten Because He's Gay (Video)

    A high school student says he was lured to a local park by people he thought were his friends. They then beat him because he's gay.

    Two weeks ago, 17-year old Dylan Beard was lured to a skate park in Baytown, Texas by one friend, then beaten by others. They called him "faggot," and "booty lover." They broke his nose, punched him, kicked him in the ribs, and left him with  chipped teeth, severe bruises and lacerations on his knees, elbows and face.


    Dylan's mother says the local police aren't doing enough, and she's hired a lawyer who's now asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate this as a hate crime.

    "We are asking for the Department Of Justice to step in and investigate this assault as a hate crime. It was planned to target him because he's gay," Quanell X, Beard's attorney, said in a press conference yesterday. He accuses police of being negligent, ignoring witnesses, refusing statements, and insulting Dylan, just because he's gay.

    "It doesn't make you a man, it doesn't make you a tough guy, it doesn't make you some real person to be proud of because you want to prey on a little kid because he's gay," Quanell X added. "Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? Why won't you pick on some men who you know will fight you back?"

    "This little kid does not deserve to be treated like this. Whether you agree or disagree with his sexual orientation, or not, it does not give anyone the right to treat him like he's less than a human being and rob him of his human and civil rights."

    The suspects are a 17-year-old girl and two male friends, the Houston Chronicle reports.

    Baytown Police should have been more sensitive to the case, rather than having a "nonchalant" attitude with Beard and his mother, he said.

    Beard is homeschooled, and though he is familiar with his attackers, he said he does not know them well. They had never attacked or insulted him before. 

    "It was horrendous, I just couldn't even believe what I was seeing," Jennifer Beard said "This is a park that we're all supposed to be able to get to ... I'm scared to let him go, but I know all his friends are going to be there. I don't know what's going to (happen) there. It scares me now that he can be jumped because he's gay."

    A mutual friend of Beard and the girl lured Beard to the skate park so that he could be attacked, according to the activist. Afterward, the perpetrators allegedly bragged about their actions on social media.

    Police, who are accused of using anti-gay slurs, say they weren't aware the suspects had bragged on Facebook, but Dylan's mother says that's how she first learned of the attack, even before her son came home from the park.


    Video and screenshots via KHOU

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    • commented 2015-06-28 18:22:19 -0400
      That is terrible Dylan. I hope you’re doing better now. Hopefully you have found better friends now. I read this and I think of how lucky I am. I don’t have friends but to have them and they do this would not be better.

    • commented 2014-11-01 03:42:33 -0400
      Dylan, we end up running across more bullies than other people but it’s true, we become a hell of a lot stronger and better able to take what life throws at us and dish it right back out to them! You’ve got a mom who has your back. Similar thing happened to me when I was 17 (Back in the stone age before cell phones and social media) The two police who came to take my statement told my parents that my attackers were "Red blooded American boy just having a bit of fun! Luckily my father knew our judge from Kiwanas Club, told them so and asked for their names and badge numbers. Both ended up doing time.

      Hang in there and stay true to yourself. There’s a great big world outside of Texas to explore with plenty of people to love and help protect you.

      Hugs to you young man.

    • commented 2014-11-01 00:57:33 -0400
      Will there be any protests at the police department? I would love to be part of it.

      Dylan, do you know about HATCH at theMontrose Center? It Iis a social and support group for gay teens.

    • commented 2014-10-31 17:55:36 -0400
      You did the right thing by getting a lawyer to expose they way the police were handling this and also that these bullies went on the internet to brag about what they did. Hopefully, they will be tried as adults, which is what these little thugs are. They are old enough to know better and this was premeditated right from the beginning. Calling him the F-word is just as bad as calling a black the N-word. This is a hate crime and having three people or more attack one boy shows just what cowards these low lives really are. They need to be put in jail and serve a little time to wake them up for what they did. The police need to do their jobs and find them and arrest them, now!

    • commented 2014-10-31 16:40:23 -0400
      I mean, England, 2014, and the OPPOSITE of help from a gay writer and psychiatrist !!! I repeat – think nothing but well of yourself – and take care!!!

    • commented 2014-10-31 16:33:35 -0400
      Poor boy. It’s appalling!!! I’ve been attacked and. hospitilised thee times. I went privately to an eminent gay psychiatrist Dr Anthony Stevens, and was told by him homosexuality is an immaturity!! Take good care of yourself I beg you from now on!

    • commented 2014-10-31 15:22:30 -0400
      Dylan all I can say is this screw them let your mother handle this and make sure these kids go to jail for a long time. It’s ok that you are who you are. I have been beaten up before to it makes you stronger take that strength and turn it positive turn it into good. I did, I became a police officer and now I am advocate in my community. Call me faggot call me queer im still better then all of them and so are you. Turn your fear and anger into strength and go after your dreams and don’t let anyone get in your way. So what they knocked you down and you got back up because your strong and your a fighter. If you ever need someone to talk to there are tons of us gay and lesbians out here that you can talk to. I know Texas is a hard state full of hateful people but if you choose to stay there take self defense classes. Be strong I know you got it in you we all do make your rainbow shine. Feel better and I’m sorry this happened. To you.

    • commented 2014-10-31 14:05:49 -0400
      I’d refrain from calling Texas “the most redneck and anti-gay state in the nation” (as someone with a relatively mixed/positive experience as someone who’s open about their own sexuality in a similarly situated suburb of Houston as well) however, I will acknowledge the fact that some individuals are certainly this immature and should be punished to the full extent of the law. Hopefully an incident like this won’t stop this young man from being open about who he is!

    • commented 2014-10-31 12:28:35 -0400
      He is not a little kid and they were picking on someone their own size.
      I wish more parents were like his Mom.
      The local Police need training on how not to be total ass holes!

    • commented 2014-10-31 12:27:46 -0400
      The attackers deserve a sledge hammer of prosecution- I don’t care how young they are. I pray this young man can get past this- it is so sad and horrific

    • commented 2014-10-31 12:13:07 -0400
      This is deeply disturbing and very sad. My heart goes out to this young man. This is Texas, the most anti-gay, redneck state in the nation. I do no suspect he will get any justice, and that too saddens me.

    • commented 2014-10-31 11:42:07 -0400
      These un-American attackers must be prosecuted. And if local authorities won’t prosecute, then they need to be prosecuted with them for conspiracy to violate this boy’s rights.

    • commented 2014-10-31 11:30:10 -0400
      This is really sad and disturbing, and it pisses me off to no end!
      The police in that town should be hanging their heads in shame, and should all be fired! People sworn to uphold the law and protect the innocent, should NOT turn a blind-eye to crime! This is the problem with America…people in uniform who have no damn business being in one!
      Also, kudos to the mother for standing up for her son! This is how ALL PARENTS of LGBT+ children should be! Good for her!
      I hope Dylan can get justice for himself, and that the Dept of Justice will step in and do something!

    • commented 2014-10-31 11:18:47 -0400
      I really appreciate the mother standing up for her son, but I really wish their lawyer wouldn’t refer to him repeatedly as a “little kid.” He’s seventeen. Gay people aren’t weak, just outnumbered.

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