• Source: CNN/YouTube
  • Ted Cruz Now Beating Donald Trump In Dramatic Reversal Just Days Ahead Of South Carolina Primary

    Former GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump Now Losing in National NBC/WSJ Poll to Ted Cruz

    Up until a few hours ago Donald Trump was beating Ted Cruz by a huge margin – 10 to 15 points in some recent national polls – but there's been a dramatic reversal. In an NBC/WSJ poll just released, Ted Cruz is now the GOP frontrunner, beating Trump 28-26. Granted, it's a small margin, and they are statistically tied, but still a surprising change for the trump campaign, which rarely has let go of its number one rank almost since declaring his White House run.

    Behind Cruz and Trump are Marco Rubio at 17 percent, John Kasich at 11 percent, Ben Carson at 10 percent, and Jeb Bush at 4 percent, NBC News reports.

    Perhaps more important, "the new NBC/WSJ poll shows a nine-point drop in the percentage of GOP primary voters who can see themselves supporting the real-estate mogul — from 65 percent in January to 56 percent now."

    That's also a dramatic shift.

    More trouble for trump ahead?

    70 percent of Republicans say they can see themselves voting for Marco Rubio, 65 percent for Ted Cruz, 62 percent for Ben Carson, 49 percent for John Kasich, and 46 percent for Jeb Bush. Trump falls in the middle, with 56 percent.

    Perhaps this clip from the disastrous GOP debate can explain Trump's slide?



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    Image: Screenshot via CNN/YouTube

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    • commented 2016-02-17 19:45:41 -0500
      Cruz, Trump, Cruz Trump.
      It is like trading a headache for an upset stomach

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