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  • So, Here's Heidi Cruz Saying Ted Is Running 'To Show This Country The Face Of The God We Serve'

    Wife Of GOP Candidate Says 'Christians Are Loving People, Are Nonjudgmental People, But There Is Right And Wrong'

    Heidi Cruz says her husband's campaign, and, if elected, presidency, exist "to show this country the face of the God that we serve." Perhaps unaware of the Constitution, she believes Ted Cruz is "uniquely able to deliver" a "combination of the law and religion."

    Speaking with South Carolina radio host Vince Coakley while campaigning for her husband, Heidi Cruz (photo, to Ted Cruz's left) insisted "this Christian God that we serve is the foundation of our country."

    Explaining why she is supporting and campaigning for her husband, Heidi Cruz said "we are at a cultural crossroads in our country" and that she feels she and her husband "can be in this race to show this country the face of the God that we serve — this Christian God that we serve is the foundation of our country, our country was built on Judeo-Christian values, we are a nation of freedom of religion, but the God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice and of consequence."

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    Cruz has taken an unpaid leave of absence from her job as an investment manager at Goldman Sachs to campaign for her husband. 

    She went on to say that, "I think that’s something that this country really needs to be reminded of, is that Christians are loving people, are nonjudgmental people, but there is right and wrong, we have a country of law and order, there are consequences to actions and we must all live peaceably in our own faiths under the Constitution. And Ted is uniquely able to deliver on that combination of the law and religion."

    Right Wing Watch, which first reported Cruz's comments, notes that Cruz’s father Rafael has implied Ted Cruz "was chosen by God for the White House," and said his so is "running for president to 'share the love of Jesus Christ' with “every person in America.'"

    Ted Cruz has invoked God and religion frequently in his campaign, like when he claimed gay people are waging a "jihad" against Christians, and when he suggested gay people should stop advocating for equal rights because of the violence ISIS perpetrates against both gays and Christians.

    Here are Heidi Cruz's disturbing comments:


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    • commented 2016-02-12 09:59:05 -0500
      What you’re seeing is the face of delusion…and danger.

    • commented 2016-02-11 22:39:05 -0500
      Teddy — channeling his inner Blues Brother — believes that he’s on a “mission from God”

      Of course, Ben Carson also claims to be the Good Lord’s chosen messenger in the realm of American politics … as did Huckabee, Santorum, Perry, Walker …. is there a pattern here?

    • commented 2016-02-11 20:11:25 -0500
      Um…if you become president, you wouldn’t be serving God. You’d be serving the American people. How dumb and crazy are these people? In America, the government separates church and state. I’m not judging people for their religion. You have the right to believe what you want to. But when you discriminate people based on sexual orientation, that’s wrong. God loves everyone. He made gay people. So if these people are questioning and saying it’s wrong, then isn’t that saying that God made a mistake?

    • commented 2016-02-11 19:40:22 -0500
      Heidi is nuts. Her god has a face. Her god showed his rump to Moses (Exodus 33:12-23) and gave others his finger (Psalm 8:3 and Luke 11:20) and all other appendages of a man (Genesis 1:27). Papa Cruz (Rafael Eduardo Cruz Sr) has publically claimed his son is the Messiah (http://crooksandliars.com/karoli/rafael-cruz-declares-son-ted-cruz-anointed-) and will bring Sahira Christianity to the land once democracy vaporizes. She is indoctrinated.

    • commented 2016-02-11 17:43:44 -0500
      She’s so funny…I like the part when she says Christians are non-judgmental…made me almost laugh out loud. Ol’ Slimeball Teddy certainly doesn’t judge gay people, right Heidi? Crickets.

    • commented 2016-02-11 13:39:41 -0500
      Cruz is the face of evil.

    • commented 2016-02-11 13:26:25 -0500
      This is why we need more rulings against religions and their attempts to take over our government. We are a secular nation, not a despotic cult, you crazy bitch!

    • commented 2016-02-11 12:44:55 -0500
      This Christofascist con man, Tailgunner Ted Cruz (R. Canada/Cuba), and his family scare the living daylights out of me! i knew his father is a religious wacko, but I had no clue the Wife is the same way. Cruz may be worse than Trump in some ways.

    • commented 2016-02-11 11:48:03 -0500
      That dog won’t hunt, Heidi. Y’all can both shove your religion where the sun don’t shine.

    • commented 2016-02-11 11:47:56 -0500
      That dog won’t hunt, Heidi. Y’all can both shove your religion where the sun don’t shine.

    • commented 2016-02-11 11:01:26 -0500
      Ahh, yes.
      The Face of God.

    • commented 2016-02-11 10:42:36 -0500
      She is as scary as her husband. We can not have this man or any GOP as President. We MUST get people to vote!

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