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  • One of the Most Conservative Republican Members of Congress Expected to Resign Imminently

    Virulently Anti-Gay Climate Change Denying Birther

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    One of the most conservative "family values" Republican members of Congress, eight-term U.S. Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona, is expected to resign imminently, likely over inappropriate behavior, multiple sources including CNN and Roll Call report.

    Franks is rated a "hard core Conservative" by On The Issues, a site that rates lawmakers and documents their positions.

    He believes denying women their constitutionally-protected right to choose to have an abortion -- or not -- is just like ending the Holocaust and slavery. Franks is a birther and climate change denier, and serves on the Judiciary Committee.

    Franks once blames ISIS on the "secular left" in America, and even said heterosexuals deserve "special" rights because same-sex marriage threatens the nation.

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