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  • NC Republicans Take Time Off From Patrolling Bathrooms to Embarrass The Hell Out of Themselves

    State Republicans Attack Democrat Tim Kaine for Wearing Blue Star Service Pin

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    The North Carolina Republican Party, the same people who brought the Tar Heel State the grossly anti-LGBT and unconstitutional law HB2, Wednesday night attacked Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine for wearing a lapel pin of the flag of Honduras, but no American flag pin.

    ".@timkaine wears a Honduras flag pin on his jacket but no American flag. Shameful," the Party posted on Twitter:


    The problem is Tim Kaine was not wearing a pin of the flag of Honduras at all, but, as WNYT reporter Ben Amey pointed out to them, he was wearing a Blue Star Service pin, in honor of his son who deployed this week as a Marine.

    Kaine mentioned his son being deployed several times during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    The North Carolina Republicans deleted their tweet and thanked Amey – without apologizing to Senator Kaine.

    They've yet to delete HB2 and apologize to America for that "mistake."

    Response on social media was swift. Here a few comments from the NC GOP's Facebook page on the photo above:


     And on Twitter:


    Hat tip: The Hill
    Image via Facebook


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    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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