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  • Man Who Was Refused Marriage License by County Clerk Citing 'God's Authority' Files to Run for Her Job

    David Ermold Calls for 'Bringing People Together and Restoring Fairness'

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    One of the men who was among the first to be denied a marriage license by Kim Davis on Wednesday filed papers to run for her job. David Ermold last month suggested he was thinking about entering the Rowan County, Kentucky race for county clerk. That was just one day after Davis announced she would be seeking re-election. He's now all in, according to The Associated Press.

    Video of Davis refusing Ermold and his now-husband, David Moore, went viral, prompting a nationwide debate on same-sex marriage and equality for months starting in 2015. After her initial refusal to grant the couple a marriage license, they returned, upon which Davis cited "God's authority" in denying his civil rights.

    Kim Davis originally ran and was elected as a Democrat, but as debate grew in 2016 she changed parties and is now a registered Republican. 

    Ermold first will have to face several other Democrats in the primary and win if he is to face Davis.

    Elwood Caudill, who in 2014 faced and lost to Davis by just 23 votes, was first to file. Nashia Fife, who spent many months organizing protests against Davis, was second. James L. Jessee was the third Democrat to file. 

    "People," Ermhold told the AP, "are back home bickering and fighting with each other and fighting on social media."

    "This campaign we are putting together is about unity and bringing people together and restoring fairness."


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