• Source: Andrew Wommack Ministries
  • Family Research Council Founder: 'We Lost The Entire Culture War' With Same-Sex Marriage Decision

    The man who founded both the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family laments the Supreme Court's marriage decision.

    A decade ago James Dobson was hailed as "the nation's most influential evangelical leader." Today, the man who founded Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council (and left before it became a certified anti-gay hate group under the leadership of Tony Perkins) is little more than a footnote on decades of anti-gay hate, his name fading fast from mainstream America.

    Last week Dobson sat for an interview with Andrew Womack, a Christian evangelical televangelist and faith healer who says humans have the power to bring people back to life.

    As Right Wing Watch reports, Dobson admitted to feeling he had a "black cloud" over him after the U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. 

    And Dobson said the decision ushered in not just marriage rights but many other issues related to "the entire culture war."

    "It hit me like a ton of bricks," Dobson said. "What had hit me is that that decision is not really about gay marriage. it's about everything else," the 79-year old host of "Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson" said.

    "It's about control of the public schools and it's what happens in universities," Dobson insisted. "It's about the economy and it's about business and it's about the military and it's about medicine. It's about everything."

    "We lost the entire culture war with that one decision," Dobson admitted, adding, "it's going to touch every dimension.



    Image: Screenshot via Andrew Womack Ministries
    Hat tip and video: Right Wing Watch

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    • commented 2015-12-01 08:53:33 -0500
      Mr. Dobson, you DESERVED to lose. Christians are not called to be “at war” with their fellow citizens. So, shame on you (and Mr. Fal(se)well) for having STARTED this trumped up “war”.

    • commented 2015-12-01 08:05:43 -0500
      While it was nice to hear, I don’t think the ‘war’ is over by a long shot. As long as christians can openly discriminate, we have a battle. It’s not the Muslims or Jews who are working so hard to keep their ‘right’ to discriminate in this country. It’s christians. They just don’t understand they can’t use their religious beliefs in public or public business to discriminate. They are free to believe anything they want, just can’t use it as a weapon against others or impose it on our government.

    • commented 2015-12-01 06:46:13 -0500
      Sorry, but you lost the culture war a long time ago. Court decisions going back to Romer v. Evans show us that, along with the steady growth of public opinion favoring equal protection for LGBTs (somewhere around 75%) and full marriage rights (about 60%). And your “religious freedom” bills aren’t going to change that — in fact, they’re going to bite you in the ass when those who don’t follow your cramped, nasty version of Christianity start using them against you.

    • commented 2015-12-01 01:11:35 -0500
      its about personal freedoms and equal rights free of religious Rule and doctrine. which happens to affect every aspect of society yes. but it is not about others personal rights or religious beliefs. you are free to believe as you choose and to practice you religion in you personal life and religious organizations. but you are not free to impose your religious views and personal beliefs on the public or in public establishments. and the biggest effect this may have is on your personal pocket book and personal employment. you make a business of condemning others and denying others there personal rights according to you personal beliefs. and controlling others personal life’s. This is no longer acceptable for any religion in todays society. and it is no longer acceptable to deny others the personal rights or decisions according to your own beliefs. each and every human has the right to equal treatment in public and in all aspects of public venues. and each human has the right to follow there own personal beliefs and to have those beliefs respected in public with out threat of discrimination or harm. and every human being working in a public venue not a private or religious venue must afford each and every person in the public the same and equal services and treatment regardless of there personal beliefs or life styles. unless there beliefs and life style posses a clear physical or emotional danger to others. such as brandishing a weapon towards others you disapprove of in the means to deny them there right. using hate speech and inflammatory comments as a means to harm others or to control them denying them there personal right. if an act or statement is meant to deny others there rights and personal safety then it is prohibited in the public venue. and only allowed in your personal or religious life so long as it causes no harm to others around you. and so long as it does not restrict or prohibit others personal rights. Including there right to choose or not to choose to follow the same religious or personal beliefs as you.

    • commented 2015-11-30 20:26:16 -0500
      This reminds me, if memory serves, when Christianity Today published an editorial urging Evangelicals to tone down the military language and analogies.

      Dobson replied with a blistering defense of martial rhetoric that tore the editorial writer a new one.

    • commented 2015-11-30 18:35:52 -0500
      There are still many states that allow discrimination and more trying to pass “religious freedom” exemptions. If only it were over.

    • commented 2015-11-30 18:28:54 -0500
      See, I think Dobson’s being too narrow minded. Granted, he lost the homophobia battle. But there’s still the misogyny battle, and of course, racism. He can still make America a backards hellhole! Buck up James, there’s hope for hate!

    • commented 2015-11-30 17:53:46 -0500
      Kiddy diddler says what?

    • commented 2015-11-30 16:00:08 -0500
      What you have lost Mr. Dobson is the ability to use our faith as a weapon against gays and lesbians. I am sure this is hard for you to understand the damage you have left in your wake. I am sure when you get to see you buddy Jerry Falwell soon maybe he can point out where you all went wrong.

    • commented 2015-11-30 14:19:24 -0500
      Pardon me while I don’t cry for one of the people who helped cause discrimination, misunderstanding, hatred, marginalization, and psychological and physical abuse to an entire generation of LGBT people.

    • commented 2015-11-30 14:18:02 -0500
      I wish he was correct – they definitely lost the major battle but as long as there is discrimination, the culture war is not over.

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