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  • Cruz Announces He Would No Longer Support Trump if He 'Goes Out on Fifth Avenue and Shoots Somebody'

    Senator Ted Cruz Says He's a Man of His Word and Made a Promise to Support the GOP Nominee, No Matter What

    Ted Cruz is not backing down from supporting whomever becomes the GOP nominee. All the Republican presidential candidates last year pledged to support whomever is their party's nominee, even if it were Donald Trump. Now, Sen. Cruz is sticking by his promise.

    "I can give you one example where I would no longer support Donald Trump," Cruz said today. "If for example, he were to go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, I would not be willing to support Donald Trump."

    The Texas Tea Party Republican did not mention any other condition or example, nor any other avenue – say, Lexington or First.

    "At the outset of this campaign, I committed I will support the Republican nominee. And I honor my word," Cruz continued. "When I tell you I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. Now, I don't want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. I think we elect Hillary Clinton and we destroy the country if Donald Trump is the nominee. And that is why we're working so hard to beat Donald Trump and we're going to beat Donald Trump."


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