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    Clinton Beats Trump by 7 Points and Wins on Most Issues in New McClatchy Poll

    6 Point Lead in 4-Way Race


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    Voters prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 7 points in the new McClatchy-Marist poll released Friday morning. They also prefer Clinton over Trump on nearly every question, and often by large margins. In a two-way race the former secretary of state beats the Manhattan billionaire 48-41, and in a four-way race beats him by 6 points, 45-39. Gary Johnson takes 10 percent of the electorate, Jill Stein 4. Clinton also beat Trump by the same margins in the NBC News/WSJ poll released earlier this week.

    But more impressive are the reasons why voters are going for Clinton.

    Here's a breakdown:

    Experience: Clinton beats Trump 57-30

    Immigration: Clinton beats Trump 54-41

    Creating good jobs: Clinton beats Trump 49-43

    Trade: Clinton beats Trump 52-42

    Terrorism: Clinton beats Trump 52-41

    Trump's minority outreach hasn't moved the bar much, if any.

    Clinton beats Trump among African American voters, 93-3. And she's winning among Latinos, 74-16, although that lead drops to 60 percent when the other two candidates are included.

    The Democratic nominee still is dogged by what voters see as issues of trust.

    On overall favorability, Clinton beats Trump, but both candidates score low: 40 points for Clinton, 37 for Trump.

    Trump wins, albeit with a low score, 44-36 in the "honest and trustworthy" question. And on "shares our values," Trump eeks out a win, 43-41.

    Possibly for the first time ever in a presidential campaign, "stamina" is a question, thanks to Trump, and he wins that round, 53-39.

    The poll was conducted Sept. 15-20 among 1,298 adults, including 1,094 registered voters.


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    Become a patron of breaking LGBTQ news

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