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  • Breaking: TLC Pulls Duggars' '19 Kids And Counting' From Schedule

    TLC has stayed silent about the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal, but has just removed the show from its schedule. Is that a temporary or permanent move?

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    Amid an exponentially growing firestorm over the revelation that elder son Josh Duggar sexually molested five girls when he was a teen – including, reportedly, his own sisters – producers of '19 Kids and Counting' have been remarkably silent, as has their parent company, Discovery Communications.

    TLC Thursday night even ran a '19 Kids' marathon, as the news swelled and Josh Duggar admitted his role in the reportedly sometimes forcible attacks.

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    But TMZ has just reported TLC has removed all scheduled airings of the Duggar family's reality TV show, at least for now.

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    "Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the fate of the show is uncertain, but there's now so much heat in the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation confession ... the network had to make the decision," TMZ reports. "We're told they absolutely have not made a long-term decision, but it's clearly a bad sign for the show."

    What's next?

    Stay tuned.


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