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  • Breaking: Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Pro-Discrimination Bill Will Head To Governor's Desk

    An anti-gay bill drafted in response to same-sex marriage minutes ago passed the Indiana House, and will head to the governor's desk. Will he sign or veto it?

    Last week an Indiana House committee passed an anti-gay, pro-discrimination bill designed to allow anyone – including businesses – to discriminate against anyone else, merely by citing their sincerely held religious beliefs. The bill, SB-101, in theory could allow an emergency medical technician (EMT), nurse, doctor, or other medical professional to refuse to treat an LGBT person. And it could allow any business owner, say, a bake shop or photographer, to refuse to work on a same-sex wedding.

    The bill passed 63-31.

    GOP Gov. Mike Pence has already stated he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk.

    The bill's language is so broad that it could allow any person whose religious beliefs mandate the subordination of women to refuse to serve them in a restaurant, in a DMV, or at a local store. 

    "It basically says to a group of people that you're second-rate, you don't matter, and I don't have to serve you," lamented Democratic Rep. Scott Pelath during today's debate. He also warned that the legislation "does nothing but create paychecks for lawyers."

    Democratic Rep. Ed Delaney reminded his colleagues that his "prophet had dinner with hookers," and asked if by doing so, was he "blessing" them.

    "This bill is intended to increase conflict" Delaney warned.

    Republican State Rep. Bruce Borders explained to his colleagues why he supports the bill. "Our businesses can be just as much a church as our church is." 

    Democratic Rep. Linda Lawson warned the bill will end up in court, "and you know it will."

    "We're going to cost our state a lot of money," she also warned, adding, "we're meddling with lives."

    Some tweets from the debate:

     The website VetoSB101 has been created to urge Gov. Pence to veto the dangerous legislation.


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    • commented 2015-03-24 04:07:14 -0400
      Now businesses that want to discriminate against anyone should be forced to post signs stating in clear language whom they will and will not serve. This way people who don’t endorse discrimination can avoid those businesses, whose owners have chosen to live their lives according to bronze age mythology.

    • commented 2015-03-24 01:43:18 -0400
      Next phase no doubt? The passing of bills making LGBT a capital offense.

    • commented 2015-03-24 01:42:21 -0400
      These bills essentially make being LGBT a criminal act. The punishment? Denial of public services.

    • commented 2015-03-24 01:40:16 -0400
      Sadly, he will sign it because he is on their payroll…

    • commented 2015-03-23 18:28:55 -0400
      They should all be bombed, and fed they wont pass that bill. Indiana scums are doom…

    • commented 2015-03-23 16:57:13 -0400
      As a gay business owner I demand the right to refuse service and employment to anti-LGBT filth on the basis that their religious beliefs are offensive to my personal and spiritual beliefs. Serving and employing them is a violation of my conscience objective to them and their beliefs.

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