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  • Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Is a 'Pathological Liar'

    Candidate Pushes Back Against GOP Frontrunner's Attacks

    Bernie Sanders on Saturday called Donald Trump a "pathological liar." The candidate for the Democratic nomination for president was responding to the GOP frontrunner's attacks that blame Sanders for the thousands of protestors who showed up in Chicago at a scheduled Trump rally Friday night. Trump falsely claimed law enforcement urged him to cancel the rally, and later falsely and repeatedly claimed his First Amendment rights, and those of his supporters, were violated as a result.

    "As is the case virtually every day, Donald Trump is showing the American people he is a pathological liar," Sanders said in a statement. "Obviously, while I appreciate that we had supporters at Trump’s rally in Chicago, our campaign did not organize the protests."

    Trump, who promised recently he would shred the First Amendment to allow politicians to sue reporters, on Saturday falsely claimed he and his supporters were "not allowed to exercise our First Amendment rights," after he shut down his own rally.

    "What caused the protests at Trump’s rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities, and his birther attacks against the legitimacy of President Obama."

    Sanders then detailed some of Trump's comments this week that many say created the environment for Friday's hostilities.

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    "What caused the violence at Trump's rally is a campaign whose words and actions have encouraged it on the part of his supporters. He recently said of a protestor, 'I want to punch him in the face.' Another time Trump yearned for the old days when the protestor would have been punched and 'carried out on a stretcher.' Then just a few days ago a female reporter apparently was assaulted by the campaign."

    “When that is what the Trump campaign is doing, we should not be surprised that there is a response."

    "What Donald Trump must do now is stop provoking violence and make it clear to his supporters that people who attend his rallies should not be assaulted, should not be punched, should not be kicked. In America, people have a right to attend a political rally without fear of physical harm."


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    Image by Scott Pelkey/ne014x via Flickr and a CC license

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    • commented 2016-03-13 22:31:32 -0400
      Trump knows he shouldn’t continue to make crap up and propagate baseless rumors to his sycophant support base, but he simply cannot help himself.

    • commented 2016-03-12 16:37:28 -0500
      Stop Fiddlling while Donald Trump is winning! #‎CHITOWN #‎UIC #‎Chicago #‎WindyCity … Thanks for showing the country there are WHITE PEOPLE who do not want Der Trumpenfuehrer for President…. BUT YOU JUST GUARANTEED HE WILL WIN ….Every white male and most women will vote for him now and the STRONG MAN to save them (and get them into more Wars for Profit and Glory) UNLESS…. AND. This only way to stop him is to personally help Reigister every Black, Brown, Red and Yellow person in the Country and drive them to the polls in November. Otherwise get used to hearing stories about President Trump.
      Remember this is The Man … who sleeps with Mien Kampf by bed instead of the Bible… and if you dont know which chapter he is on right now you BETTER FIND OUT. PS #‎LGBT #‎lgbti @hrc @pflag @glaad @glsen .. GET YOUR PINK TRIANGLES OUT! @logcabingop

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