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  • Anti-Gay Top Missouri GOP Lawmaker Caught Sexting With College Intern: 'God I Want You Right Now'

    The Missouri Speaker of the House has been caught sexting with a college freshman, an intern at the capitol's intern program that shut down without explanation last month.

    The top of his campaign website touts his belief in "personal responsibility" but today Missouri Speaker of the House John Diehl is under fire for the very lack of it. The former chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Diehl reportedly has been sexting with a college freshman who was part of the Missouri Capitol internship program which "shut down abruptly last month," as the Kansas City Star reports today.

    "The conversations unveil a flirty rapport and suggest an intimacy between arguably the state’s most influential lawmaker and a young woman taking some pleasure in a secret association," and "paint a picture of playful sexual innuendo," the Star notes.  The paper published screenshots of some of the texts, which included "sexually charged" exchanges like this:

    Her: “You better take care of me.”

    Diehl: “Like how?”

    Her: “I’ll bet you’ll figure it out.”

    Diehl: “I dunno. You have always been disappointed;)”

    Her: “I just have high expectations, I guess. Thus far, you’ve done pretty well (an emoji blows a kiss)”

    Diehl: “:). I kinda want to hear what you are expecting”

    Then, shortly after, he types: “You will be in good hands :)”

    At one point Diehl texts her “God I want you right now,” to which she replies “I wish you could have me right now.”

    In another exchange, she sends a picture of herself in a bikini and Diehl responds: “Damn girl …”


    Shortly after he writes: “I want to see more” followed by a smiling emoji.

    Another exchange centered on Diehl texting that he was “Laying in bed looking at your pic :)”

    She responded: “Mmmmm why can’t I be there :)”

    Speaker Diehl, who is married and has three sons, reportedly had been made aware by the Star of the texts weeks ago, and repeatedly broke appointments to discuss them, and ignored requests for interviews about them.

    UPDATE: Missouri GOP House Speaker Quits To Spend More Time Sexting With His Wife, Less With College Intern

    Joe Jervis reports that "the Missouri affiliate of the Family Research Council celebrated GOP House Speaker John Diehl after he filed an anti-gay marriage amicus brief with the Eighth Circuit Court," and had "sponsored a bill to ban gay-straight alliance clubs in public schools."

    The Missouri Family Policy Council praised Diehl "for demonstrating moral leadership and true integrity in standing up for the sacred institution of marriage and the family values of the people of Missouri," as Right Wing Watch reports. "The state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention thanked him for 'fighting to defend biblical marriage.'" 

    There is now a petition being circulated among Missouri House representatives calling for Diehl to step down as Speaker. 


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    • commented 2015-05-15 08:40:47 -0400
      Sooooooooo…it’s ok to be a MARRIED with kids scum bag, and troll for young girls, using your position to get what you want, however, it’s not ok to be a gay person who just wants to be treated equally… Can you tell me where I can find those passages that support this in your book of fantasy and make believe….oh wait sorry, you call it the bible……..

    • commented 2015-05-14 19:16:44 -0400
      These guys act like they’re never gonna get caught. I hope his wife divorces him and takes him for everything he has. Then see if his little lady wants him then. Two words describe what he did "" dumb and ass"",

    • commented 2015-05-14 13:48:13 -0400
      We all know how this plays out. He says he is addicted to sex, his wife stands by publicly. He is out of office for 2 years, then is back again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • commented 2015-05-14 11:04:04 -0400
      A college freshman? So she’s what? 18? 19? Sheesh. I guess those family values he loves to talk about so much go out the window whenever a barely legal girl, naive enough to give him the time of day comes around.

      I’m more disturbed by the fact that this is pretty common. Honestly, I’m sure the consensus is just relief that he wasn’t sexting a young man. They’ll say he “talked with God and his wife and prayed, and would just like to move on from this” in an week or so, and nothing will happen. Politics as usual.

    • commented 2015-05-13 21:30:23 -0400
      Yes Mr Williams , If they Don;t throw his ass out of office ,it will just prove that the GOP is out for one thing, That they can Do what ever they want and get away with what ever they want and no one can do anything about it ..

    • commented 2015-05-13 21:23:22 -0400

      Correct, moreover there is always a sizable contingent of high fiving, back slapping folks who say “lucky for him”, whereas, as you point out, if it was to a male, he would be branded ‘pervert’ or even ‘pedophile’.

      Double standards everywhere.

    • commented 2015-05-13 21:19:31 -0400
      You know Damn right well if he was Texting to a teenage Boy that way he would already be out of office ,but because he’s been texting to a Young Lady
      Their going through the process of sending around a Petition calling for this dirtbag to step down as speaker . I think he should resign he position from Politics altogether .

    • commented 2015-05-13 19:38:44 -0400
      If you’re anti-gay, research conclusively has shown there’s invariably something in your closet.

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