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  • Anti-Gay Activist Sues Alabama for Refusing to Recognize His 'Marriage' to His Computer

    Says Being Gay Is a 'Religion'

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    Anti-gay activist Chris Sevier claims he wed his computer in New Mexico and is suing the State of Alabama for refusing to recognize his marriage. He is suing Gov. Kay Ivey, Attorney General Steve Marshall and Blount County Probate Judge Chris Green, according to, for what he says is an arbitrary decision to allow gay people to marry but not "machinists," which he apparently defines as humans who fall in love with their computers.

    In his lawsuit, Sevier says the Blount County Probate Judge "issues marriage licenses to individuals who self-identify as homosexual, but he refuses to issue marriage licenses to zoophiles, machinists, and polygamists license on a basis that can only be described as procedurally arbitrary."

    In July, Sevier made headlines when he sued four Congressional Democrats for having LGBT Pride flags displayed outside their Capitol Hill offices. He claimed being gay is a "religion," and LGBT Pride flags are symbols of “homosexual denomination.”

    Sevier also asked the court to overturn key LGBT civil rights cases and to remove all four lawmakers from office.

    Sevier has a history of filing lawsuits designed to attack same-sex marriage, but the basis of his argument is easily debunked: computers cannot give consent, and are not human. A former Tennessee attorney, the Houston Chronicle calls Sevier a "Christian who makes his living producing electronic music."

    Last year, Sevier insisted that ''the Constitution is being hijacked" by allowing same-sex couples to marry, and sued Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the Harris County District Clerk, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for not letting him marry his 2011 MacBook. 

    In 2014 he tried to sue Apple because they allowed his computer to access adult media, then sued Florida for not allowing him to marry that laptop which he said he loves.

    "Sevier isn't trying to marry his laptop," The Houston Press noted at the time. "He is trying to destroy marriages and families across the country. We asked him if he was okay with that, and he said yes."

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