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  • Trump Defends Accused Wife Beater: 'You Have to Remember...He Says He's Innocent'

    'He Says He's Innocent, and I Think You Have to Remember That'

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    President Donald Trump has finally commented on the latest scandal plaguing his White House: accused wife beater Rob Porter. The former White House staff secretary has been credibly accused by both his ex-wives of domestic abuse, both emotional and physical.

    "We wish him well. He worked very hard," President Trump said, defending Porter. He added he only found about about the allegations "recently," and was "surprised, but reports state the White House has known about the allegations for months.

    "We certainly wish him well. It's obviously a tough time for him. He did a very good job when he was in the White House, and we hope he has a wonderful career, hopefully he will have a great career ahead of him," Trump continued, not mentioning any concern for Porter's ex-wives, or even for Hope Hicks. Trump communications director, reportedly dating Porter currently.

    "It was very sad when we heard about it, and certainly he's also very sad."

    Trump, who ran on a campaign of promising to be the "law and order president," made no remarks denouncing domestic abuse. His remarks were similar to his defense of credibly accused child molester Roy Moore.

    "Now he also, as you probably know, he says he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that," Trump said, again defending Porter.


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