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  • 'Cannot Be Based On The Facts': Bernie Sanders Slams HRC Over Clinton Endorsement

    Bernie Sanders responded quickly to today's news the nation's largest LGBT group is endorsing Hillary Clinton.

    Hours after the Human Rights Campaign announced it is endorsing Hillary Clinton, the Bernie Sanders campaign issued a scathing response.

    Calling it "an endorsement that cannot possibly be based on the facts and the record," Sanders campaign spokesperson Michael Briggs told the Washington Blade it is "understandable and consistent with the establishment organizations voting for the establishment candidate."

    Briggs added, "who knows what prompted the Human Rights Campaign to do what it does — I have trouble myself figuring why they do some of the things they do over the years — but I think the gay men and lesbians all over the country will know who has been their champion for a long, long time and will consider that as they make up their mind on support for his campaign." 

    Briggs corrected himself, the Blade reports, adding, "LGBTQ people all over the country."

    Noting the HRC waited to endorse Barack Obama until he won the Democratic nomination, the Blade notes that "Sanders hasn’t always been in favor of full marriage equality. In 2006 when asked by the Vermont-based Times Argus newspaper if Vermont should legalize same-sex marriage, Sanders was quoted as saying, 'Not right now, not after what we went through,' referring to the conflict in the state over civil unions."

    Briggs told the Blade that Sanders supported civil unions in his home state in 2000, saying the Senator from Vermont is "a pioneer on this early version of gay marriage, and has by far the most exemplary record on gay rights of any candidate ever in American history."

    The Blade added that last year, Sanders in an interview with The Washington Blade became "the first presidential candidate to support openly trans service in the U.S. military and make a point about including trans people in his campaign and presidency."


    Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license


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    • commented 2016-01-21 01:57:09 -0500
      HRC, RUN by the corrupt ESTABLISHMENT POLITICS indeed!

      As a Trans woman, I’m still feeling the Bern! And I am not even American! Bernie is the type of ideal honest and compassionate politician every country deserves and need!

      Planned parenthood and HRC are indeed part of the establishment, but only in the sense that they are tied to establishment politics and they feel obligated to endorse establishment politicians. Hillary and her campaign (including the executives in planned parenthood and HRC) are purposely taking what Bernie said out of context to attack him disingeneously, as they always do.

    • commented 2016-01-20 22:51:42 -0500
      Yup they punched their people in the face. You can tell the anger from their Facebook page rating and all the negative comments on their announcement posts. Those guys blew it by acting like a dictator when it comes to representing their constituents.

    • commented 2016-01-20 05:26:42 -0500
      I personally, along with thousands of others take this as a huge slap in the face.
      First of all, why not wait, what was the rush on backing this shady two-faced lying woman. And secondly, she’s a huge supporter of the LGBT community!? That bitch wishes she was our friends.
      I was an activist back during the No on H8 campaign. Working with the HRC, I took my free time, in the middle of my teenage youth, calling hundreds of people, collecting donations, standing on street corners with signs here in East County San Diego (SOMETIMES BY MYSELF )
      Where the fuck were Hilary Clinton’s view points and support back then?

      How dare you HRC, how dare you buy into that disgusting money from the Clintons. Don’t you think that they have done enough to this country, Especially Hilary. She is a fake, two faced, up for sale politician which has been the problem with this country for far too long.
      She only within the last few years changed her personal views on same sex marriage, only to remain a popular choice… Well get this Hilary, I’ve never liked you, your best times were when you were sitting behind your husband with that lying mouth closed
      I don’t trust you, and I do not believe that you deserve that seat in our White House.

      Conflict of interest alert!! What a surprise that business as usual in this country trickles down to this organization. An organization with an excellent concept but behind closed doors lies hand shaking and big money. Endorsing a political candidate whose views have been bought by dirty corporations. A candidate whose ideology does not align with the foundation base of people it seeks to represent. A candidate who until recently defined marriage between a man and a women… A candidate who earns speaking fees by Goldman Sachs. A candidate who supports Monsanto. A candidate who is so out of touch with every day people that it is laughable. What a crock. Do better, or better yet, HRC, do the right thing and endorse Bernie Sanders, a candidate who has been in our corner fighting for us since day one.

      Chad Griffin, the president of HRC, needs to step aside in this process due to conflict of interest and bias for the Clinton campaign. He was a volunteer for the Bill Clinton campaign and has recently led a number of fundraising efforts for Hillary Clinton.

      The Human Rights Campaign needs to turn over the endorsement decision to the members of the community that it purportedly represents. Only after a fair vote should it endorse a candidate for president, and absent a vote there should be no endorsement.

    • commented 2016-01-19 23:46:55 -0500
      Not a single poll of supporters from what I have seen. Their endorsement is trash just like all future requests for support or donations for me.

    • commented 2016-01-19 19:33:24 -0500
      Why the Q? It’s not part of the movement, it’s not even a thing. I is understandable, as is A, but Q? No.

    • commented 2016-01-19 18:29:52 -0500
      HRC….er….is it freaking NAMED after her?

    • commented 2016-01-19 17:46:57 -0500
      It wouldn’t have anything to do with the founder of HRC being an employee in the Clinton White House or he being a fundraiser for Hillary now would it? Just another sellout!

    • commented 2016-01-19 15:52:16 -0500
      I guess membership does not get the privlidge of being polled or asked how they want HRC to side – talk about having a voice in the movement.

    • commented 2016-01-19 13:57:58 -0500
      The facts don’t matter. All that matters is that the leadership of the HRC supports Hillary Clinton so they endorsed their personal candidate of choice. Let’s just ignore how homophobic she has been and her opposition to gay rights and let’s ignore that her husban, (the man she chooses to remain married to) is responsible for DADT and Doma. Let’s endorse the candidate who only supports gay rights when it furthers their political career to do so because it was okay for her to screw LGBTQ Americans over when it furthered her political career. Let’s just hope if she’s elected that the political winds don’t change against us or she will be back where she was when she spewed hate of LGBTQ people

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