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  • '19 Kids And Counting' – Maybe Including Josh Duggar – To Return To TLC

    TV reality show featuring Christian extremists is filming a reboot after son's teenaged sex scandal, marital infidelities drove family off the air.

    The only thing America's Christian extremists love more than a devout Christian conservative is one who has fallen from grace but claims to have been forgiven by God. 

    Six months ago TLC canceled "19 Kids and Counting" after realizing eldest son Josh Duggar's admission of sexually abusing several young girls when he was a teen, including some of his own sisters, was just too toxic for the show to continue. His later admission of being "addicted" to pornography and having affairs seemed to seal the decision permanently. Duggar also was forced to quit his job at the anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council Action where he served as its executive director despite having little previous work experience, sans a job at the family's used car lot. 

    It was also revealed that Duggar had two paid accounts at AshleyMadison, the extramarital dating site, and was accused of hiring prostitutes and having rough sex with them.

    Not exactly a "family show" by the religious right's standards.

    But now TLC is bringing "19 Kids And Counting" back.

    "Fans of the TLC series '19 Kids and Counting' will be happy to know that the series will be back for another run," the Christian Post reports.

    American Family Association's former spokesperson and present-day radio host, the virulently anti-gay Bryan Fischer, tweeted the news:

    "The Duggar family, without a doubt, is filming a new television series, which is being heralded as a 19 Kids And Counting reboot," the Inquisitr notes, citing the "unmitigated success of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, a mini-series that followed Jill and Jessa Duggar in the aftermath of the Josh Duggar scandals."

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    "Josh Duggar might be returning to television as TLC gears up for a new reality series about the Duggar family — this time, the series is rumored to follow Jana Duggar," the Inquisitr adds. "At the age of 26, Jana is a bit behind her younger siblings in the marriage and babies department, and the series is said to focus on the singleton’s dating (ahem, courtship) and love life."

    The religious right may be pleased, but not everyone is thrilled.

    "It’s apparent that TLC is uninterested in the Duggar family’s vicious crusade of lies against LGBT Americans," blogger Joe.My.God. observes.

    On Twitter, more reactions:



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    Hat tip: Joe.My.God.

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    • commented 2016-02-04 04:30:32 -0500
      Douglas, at my old Walmart store which is about a 10 minute drive from the store I work at now I once meet someone who look like the oldest Duggar daughter. If this was Jana, she represented her faith well.
      Seeing this person from the diistance I thougjt she looks like Jana Duggar and rather rudely stared because she was beautiful and dress very conservative. Than as I pull some pallets by her, she did everything she could to keep out of my way this was very polite and extremely rare of a customer..
      I was later asled a question by her about canteloupe and too this date I havr never feel the present of God’s Holy Spirit on a person such as she had. At the time I was in a relationship with anothet gal, so I try to ignore her I really do regret that.

      When I think about the Duggars I remember Jesus saying thst men spake evil against the prophets, just as this family, Luke 6:22-23; and also Paul words of the godly suffering, persecition. II Timothy 3:12

    • commented 2016-02-03 10:57:45 -0500
      I once hired a home schooled, daughter from a quiverful family as a teacher. I felt sorry for her and thought she deserved a chance. After one hour and 10 minutes I could hear her screaming from my office. She screamed as she left the class, she screamed down the halls, she screamed as she got into her car. “Horrible children, evil, evil children.” Has a certain ring of insanity to it, eh? These fake “christian” dominionists are filthy human refuse. Absolute garbage, taking everything from the rest of society and offering ignorance and hate in return.

    • commented 2016-02-03 06:45:40 -0500
      On top of being members of some twisted brand of christianity and Josh Dugger’s behaviors, it is child abuse that several of the kids have never known life outside the limelight. They were born and raised to smile for the camera and lie about everything. Poor kids.
      TLC doesn’t care the Dugger’s are anti-gay/women/abortion….everything not like them.

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