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Dan Savage: ‘Let’s Put An Assault-Weapons Ban On The Ballot’

by David Badash on February 25, 2013

in Guns,News,Politics

Post image for Dan Savage: ‘Let’s Put An Assault-Weapons Ban On The Ballot’

LGBT civil rights activist and author Dan Savage has a(nother) brilliant idea: putting an assault weapons ban on the ballot in his home state of Washington.

“The legislature won’t do it,” Savage writes. “Let the people do it. Let’s do it: let’s file and start gathering signatures. I’m thinking it’ll pass.”

“We could be a model for the nation,” he adds. And he’s absolutely right.

The problem with how gun control is shaping up right now is that the chances of an assault weapons ban passing the House of Representatives is pretty much nil. So let the states pick up the slack. Savage points to a recent Washington “poll found 66 percent support (54 percent strongly) for banning semi-automatic assault weapons.”

Savage adds:

Best part: getting to listen to conservatives whine about how wrong and unfair this is. I mean, putting the rights of an unpopular minority group up to a vote? Where does that end? Today we’re voting on the second-amendment rights of gun owners, tomorrow we’re voting on the marriage rights of gay couples—oh, yeah. We already did that. More than once.

I hope others will follow Savage’s lead — especially in those states that have an active citizen ballot initiative process.

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shawker1010 February 25, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Perhaps this may be possible when the supporters of this bill can tell us how a pistol grip, muzzle-break and/or folding stock effects the fire rate, bullet damage and capacity. As the bill states, 2 guns of the SAME EXACT type; same style, same function, same capacity, same caliber…yet 1 of them is illegal because of the muzzle-break and pistol grip?? How does this increase its effectiveness? Muzzle-breaks and pistol grips weren't on the majority of individual weapon in ww1, ww2, yet they were VERY effective in stopping enemies and inflicting mass casualties; the main weapon infantry weapon (assault rifle) in ww2, the m1 Garand, also had 8 shot capacity, an internal magazine and devastated its foes. This being said, the ban goes after NOTHING but cosmetic features which does not increase or reduce it's effectiveness. You along with 90% of the bill current supporters do not know this either, MOST of congress does, DOJ does, pro-gun advocates do, and this is why it isn't left to a vote…because you don't know what you would be voting for; you're uneducated and ignorant in this sense, you suck up all the fox new, Piers Morgan BS and decisions like this cannot be left to people like you. IF you can tell me, in a sensible, intelligent and fact based argument how banning cosmetics and ergonomics will stop or reduce shootings, please do, otherwise….your points are moot. This is like saying we can stop the use of drugs by changing their physical properties….but will that change their chemical properties and make them less sought after and addictive??

tacitus February 25, 2013 at 8:53 pm

I’m not interested in hearing gun geeks gush over how each device is constructed. I’m not sure how many of us are. Personally, I do not think we should be flooding the streets with this volume of deadly weapons, end of story. I could care less what it looks like.

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