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Post image for Dan Savage Kicks Off The New NALT Christian Campaign

Dan Savage Kicks Off The New NALT Christian Campaign

by Jean Ann Esselink on September 5, 2013

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For years now, the fire breathing dragons from the judgemental wing of Christendom have been slinging gross insults at the LGBT community. We have come to expect it; on some level, we even to look forward to it.  What crazy thing will Pat Robertson blame the gays for next? Without their lunacy, The New Civil Rights Movement would be all politics and no comic relief.

But after we have had our laugh, or sometimes our moment of anger, we always ask the same question: where are the voices of the “other” Christian community? Where are the Christians not filled with hate? Where are the Christians who choose to believe in a god who loves all his creations? Where are the Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself” Christ?

It turns out they are out there, but their voices have not been loud enough to cut through the din.

Now, Time Magazine is reporting that a group of these moderate Christians have decided they need to speak louder. Formulating their game plan, they turned to someone well known in the LGBT community, Dan Savage, who founded the “It’s Get Better Project, in which notables make videos encouraging LGBTQ kids who are facing bullying, or rejection from their own families, to hang in, because it does get better.

Dan calls these “Do unto other” leaning Christians NALTs – for “Not All Like That,” because, he explains, that is what they would whisper to him after one of the fire and brimstone kind of Christians had insulted gays – “We’re not all like that.” The group, recognizing the truth in that name, borrowed it for their campaign, The NALT Christian Project, and with Dan’s help, they used his “It Gets Better” video idea as a template for their own NALT video campaign.

The group is asking Christians who believe God loves everyone, to upload their own video supporting LGBT equality. They have 30 so far, and this one from Dan Savage is the first:


I know there will be many gay Christians who will be glad for this effort. I also know there will be many non-believers who will reject this effort at Christian outreach, and insist religion is for the weak-minded and only rejection of all things religious is acceptable. I understand their feelings. Religion has done real harm to the LGBT community.

I myself, am not a believer in gods and devils. But I’m also not one to attempt to change anyone’s mind about the existence of a supreme creator. Sometimes it is more important to be friends than to be right. I think this may be one of those times. Let’s be magnanimous and accept the offer of friendship. Then let’s see if NALT can make some noise.


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Bose_in_SP_MN September 5, 2013 at 6:12 pm

It makes sense to me that some Christians have their own coming-out journeys when transitioning from private to more public support of LGBT equality and freedom.

This project is well-named, if you ask me, because of the word "all". "Not All Like That" doesn't demand supremacy, doesn't even try to pinpoint what "that" is. Good stuff.

Coxhere September 6, 2013 at 6:33 am

From good ole' school days I remember a teacher once saying, "Don't use a negative in defining something. Use a positive." I've not ever forgotten that. Rather than defining those Christians who are something other than evilgelicals and fundamentalisticals, why not something like, "We Are Different From Them?" WADFT? Or stripped down, "Different From Them?" DFT?

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