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Post image for Coulter: Immigration Reform Supporters ‘Working Feverishly To Turn The Country Into Mexico’

Coulter: Immigration Reform Supporters ‘Working Feverishly To Turn The Country Into Mexico’

by David Badash on May 24, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News,Politics

Ann Coulter is attacking lawmakers working for immigration reform, and lamenting what she sees as a large influx of Hispanic immigrants from the “Third World.” Coulter claims America is “scraping the bottom of the barrel by holding ourselves out as the welfare ward of the world and specifically rejecting skilled immigrants,” and asks, “Why can’t the country be more or less the ethnic composition that it always was?

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Coulter, calling Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act “insane,” even attacks Republicans working for immigration reform.

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“Sens. Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are working feverishly to turn the country into Mexico,” Coulter writes:

Pre-1965 immigrants were what made this country what it was for a reason: They were the pre-welfare state immigrants. From around 1630 to 1966, immigrants sank or swam. About a third of them couldn’t make it in America and went home — and those are the ones who weren’t rejected right off the boat for being sick, crippled or idiots.

That’s why corny stories of someone’s ancestors coming here a half-century ago are completely irrelevant. If their ancestors hadn’t succeeded, their great-grandchildren wouldn’t be here to tell the story because no one was given food stamps, free medical care and housing to stay. (And vote Democrat.)

By now, Mexicans are the largest immigrant group in America, with about 50 million Hispanics living here legally.

Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill will soon make it 80 million. First, there are at least 11 million illegal immigrants, a majority from Mexico, who will be instantly legalized. Then we’ll get their entire extended families under our chain migration system.

I wouldn’t want that many Japanese! I wouldn’t want that many Dutch (not that there are that many Dutch)! Why do we have to become a different country? Was there a vote when the country decided to turn itself into Mexico? No other country has ever just decided to turn itself into another country like this.


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Alex_Parrish May 24, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Coulter wants to know why immigration reform supporters are "‘Working Feverishly To Turn The Country Into Mexico’" Obviously this vacuous self-hating turd has never been to Taco Bell" /sarcasm Seriously — does anyone pay attention to what this imbecile thinks?

SeanLiberty13 May 24, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Shut it, you uneducated bigoted white supremacist trash whore.

GaelicWench May 24, 2013 at 9:19 pm

"Pre-1965 immigrants were what made this country what it was for a reason: They were the pre-welfare state immigrants….."

Right now I have a dictionary full of swear words in several different languages going through my mind. I am working hard on refraining from putting them all down in this venue; it is NOT easy.

My parents, two brothers and I came to the U.S. in 1969. My father NEVER went on welfare, never collected any other kind of government assistance. He bought a house and paid it off in seven years. He was a self-employed auto mechanic. After the pre-requisited seven years in America as taxpayers, he and my mother became American citizens and we kids were naturalized. To this day I have my naturalization certificate; I was 15yo.

After I graduated in 1977, I proudly served in the military, maybe for only four years, but it certainly is MORE than that bitch did for her country. But it's obvious that she's got some very misguided ideas regarding patriotism. She doesn't understand the true meaning.

And it's obvious that the Mexican people in their own country prefer to buy American made goods because of how much better they're made. Apparently, Faux News would never consider reporting this tid bit of information because…..wait for it… would make the people of Mexico look good. And that, according to Coulter, is not allowed.

She needs to get real!

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