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CNN Hosts Bryan Fischer, Who Calls Gays Nazis, To Discuss Romney And Gays

by David Badash on April 24, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for CNN Hosts Bryan Fischer, Who Calls Gays Nazis, To Discuss Romney And Gays

CNN’s Kyra Phillips this morning hosted Bryan Fischer and R. Clarke Cooper to debate Fischer’s repeated attacks on Mitt Romney for his recent choice of Richard Grenell as his campaign’s national security spokesperson. Grenell, who served John Bolton at the United Nations, is openly gay and Fischer has, because of that, called him a threat to national security and promiscuous, among other equally unfounded criticisms. Bryan Fischer is the public face of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, and hosts a daily radio show during which he routinely attacks gay people, and has repeatedly said gays are Nazis. R. Clarke Cooper is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay GOP organization.

During the segment this morning, Fischer said, “you cannot separate religious liberty from the issue of the homosexual agenda. In fact, the homosexual agenda represents the single greatest threat to religious liberty and association in America today.”

Clearly, Fischer is unable to edit his views for his audience, and this will be his undoing. It is not an understatement to say that a great many people who watched Fischer speak on CNN today were turned off by someone they have never heard of, and now have mentally branded him both a bigot and irrelevant. When parents are home with their children, next time they will be protecting their kids not from gay people but from Bryan Fischer and his ilk.

Think about it: Parents are totally OK with their kids watching, say, “Modern Family,” but they will turn the TV off next time Fischer is on.

In the interview, Fischer also asked why Mitt Romney would pick a “homosexual activist” to be the face of his campaign when Mormons believe homosexuality is offensive to God? Fischer also said the problem is that Mitt Romney is not “Mormon enough,” or he would have followed the dictates of his religion and discriminated against Grennell:

“My complaint about Governor Romney all the way along is not that he’s Mormon, but he’s not Mormon enough,” Fischer told Phillips. “The Mormon Church believes homosexual behavior is sinful and that homosexual acts are offensive to God. So the question that needs to be asked of Governor Romney, do you agree with the teaching of your Church? If you do — that homosexual acts are offensive to God — then why have you made the face of your campaign someone who engages in conduct that your own Church says is offensive to God?”

So much for the Catholic and Christianist religions claiming that “we are all sinners,” right, Bryan? Because then automatically no one would qualify, as they claim all sins are equal in the eyes of God. Apparently, some sins are more equal than others.

Fischer added that many “homosexual groups” came out “celebrating” Grenell’s appointment — which is false. Only the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, the gay Tea Party group, spoke in favor of Grenell. Most LGBT people and groups oppose him after learning of his homophobic and misogynistic attacks on MSMNBC anchor Rachel Maddow and on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Fischer also threw in for good measure his boilerplate anti-gay rhetoric, like saying religious liberty cannot exist in a world with homosexuality, and homosexual acts are offensive to God.

Igor Volsky at Think Progress notes:

But when CNN host Kyra Phillips pointed out that Grenell served at the pleasure of conservative Bolton, Fischer found himself in the awkward position of defending Bolton’s tenure while condemning his chief spokesperson:

PHILLIPS: Did you think John Bolton did a good job when he was U.S. ambassador to the U.N.? [...]

FISCHER: He did a great job.

PHILLIPS: Okay. Grenell was his spokesperson….Bryan, I just thought that was interesting, you thought Bolton did a great job, and Grenell was his spokesperson.

FISCHER: Well, the point here is that personnel is policy. Everybody in D.C. says that. Personnel is policy. When Governor Romney picks somebody who is an activist homosexual and puts him in a prominent position, he’s sending a shout out, it seems to me, to the homosexual lobby.

Fischer, who ran a train over Phillips, ignoring the anchor at every turn, tried to gett he last word, but Cooper wouldn’t have it.

“Bryan, ya’ll gotta be careful, because you are starting to sounding like George Wallace, ‘segregation today, segregation tomorrow’,” Cooper told him. “Be careful because you’re going to be left in the dust bin of history, buddy.”

After today’s CNN debate, it’s clear the AFA should not let Fischer out of the barn anymore — not in polite circles, where children are around, or where any reasonable person might hear his hate mongering. I have a strong feeling today may be seen in years future as the day anti-gay hate died and hate of anti-gay religious wing nuts grew in America.



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Scott_Rose April 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Grennell is an Uncle Tom bigot enabler. Everything Bryan Fischer says, Boehner agrees with, and Romney if elected would support politically, knowing that doing so would work in his favor.

CastleRockBear April 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Brian Fischer is a bigoted nutjob, why CNN even allowed him to be on the Network, is the problem…HATE is HATE no matter how it is disguised or served! Brian Fischer is a hate MONGER, nothing more! Nazis?….Look in the mirror, Bryan ..You'd be surprised at what the world sees
Edit Delete

GaelicWench April 26, 2012 at 12:52 pm

What I don't understand is, why are gays being addressed as Nazis, when it was Hitler, himself a full-fledged nazi, who instructed Himmler to kill all gays. This fischer moron is, in essence, insulting the actual skin heads anti-gay and anti-blacks, Jews, et. al. This makes THEM very much the nazis.

Boy, they are so paranoid and schizophrenic….The big bad boogy gay man is out to get them!

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