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Cindy McCain: By 2016 Gay Rights ‘Will Be Very Much Agreed On By Both Parties’

by David Badash on June 19, 2013

in Civil Rights,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Cindy McCain: By 2016 Gay Rights ‘Will Be Very Much Agreed On By Both Parties’

Cindy McCain, the woman who might have been First Lady of the United States had President Barack Obama lost in 2008, told a group hosted by The Trevor Project that the GOP by the next presidential election will support gay rights.

“You’re going to see a major turn,” McCain said on Monday, according to The Wrap. “By the next presidential election I think this will be an issue that will be very much agreed on by both parties.”

Cindy McCain said she was convinced that her husband will eventually endorse gay marriage.

“He hears from his own daughters and his own children and from me a little bit about this,” she said. “But it’s also okay to disagree, but do it in a manner that’s respectful.”

“We have different views,” She added. “We have raucous dinner table conversations and we encourage that. In fact you have to be tough to survive at our table.”

Last year, Cindy McCain claimed that the GOP is pro-gay, saying only a few “vocal” Republicans — whom she says are “on the far right of the issue” — do not support equality.

McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, has been a strong supporter of LGBT civil rights, but her father, Cindy’s husband, Senator John McCain does not.

A staunch opponent of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” McCain waged war against the move to allow open service by gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members.

And now, Senator McCain is waging war against including same-sex bi-national couples in the protections a comprehensive immigration reform plan will offer.

But Mrs. McCain is doing her part, as best she can.

She came out in support of repeal of DADT in 2010 when the country was embroiled in the debate, only to retract her support after what can only have been a challenging conversation with Senator McCain.

The Trevor Project honored Cindy McCain “for her work to increase visibility and understanding of the LGBT community” at its Trevor Live event on Monday.

“Trevor Hero Award honoree,” the Trevor Project announced, “Cindy Hensely McCain shared with TrevorLIVE attendees, ‘Our LGBT youth are particularly at risk. We as human beings should respect all people. But not respecting a child is deeply, deeply dangerous. The Trevor Project knows all too well what this can do to a child. They understand that if we as a society can overlook our differences, we can find the value and potential that is in each one of us.’”

“The Trevor Project is proud to have honored Cindy McCain, Cason Crane, and Wells Fargo for their incredible ongoing work in support of LGBT youth. We also thank Michael Wilson for lending his talent as director of TrevorLIVE in New York, and all the incredible talented performers and presenters who made the event memorable,” said Abbe Land, Executive Director & CEO of The Trevor Project. “TrevorLIVE is where entertainment and cultural change collide to empower young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth to strive for a brighter future, which starts the moment they reach out to The Trevor Project and ask for help.”

The Trevor Project “is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.”


Image of Cindy McCain by Adam Bouska via Twitter

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