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Christian “Family” Group Head Brands The New Civil Rights Movement A “Homosexual Hate Group”

by David Badash on December 2, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Christian “Family” Group Head Brands The New Civil Rights Movement A “Homosexual Hate Group”

Today I wrote about Buster Wilson, the General Manager of the American Family Association’s American Family Radio — the home of Bryan Fischer, the public face of AFA, a certified anti-gay hate group. Wilson claimed that there are people who want to marry their cars, dogs, and buildings, and for that reason the Christian view of traditional marriage must be observed. He also claimed AFA is not homophobic, despite employing and broadcasting Bryan Fischer, who has called for the criminalization of homosexuality and called gays “Nazis,” among other things.

Wilson found my post rather quickly and wrote on his blog a piece titled, “And yet again, they demonstrate their ignorance……or, is it their deception?

Wilson writes, “Another homosexual hate group has taken my comments and written about them.”

I’ll take that as a compliment!

He adds a stern warning:

“I warn you FIRST, if you go to this site, there are extremely Offensive pictures there.  Be careful.  Don’t let your little ones see this!”

See, the capitalization of the letter “O” in “Offensive” means the pictures here are really offensive.

No, you wouldn’t want your “little ones” to see a picture of two men, sans their shirts, kissing. Because that’s offensive?

Rather, it’s OK for hate-peddlers like Wilson and Bryan Fischer to host an entire radio station that reaches millions of Americans across 40+ states via 180+ radio stations, broadcasting anti-gay, anti-Islam filth and lies and hate during the daytime, when the “little ones” are home — or, in many cases, given their audience, home-schooled.

American Family Radio, owned by the American Family Association, indeed hosts Bryan Fischer, who has routinely called gays “Nazis,” claimed that Hitler’s Brownshirts — and Hitler himself — were all gay “thugs” and good at what they did because they were gay, claimed that gays cannot be monogamous or maintain relationships, said gays are a threat to national security and to public health, said the “homosexual agenda” is incompatible with religion, called for putting gays in jail, called “the gay lifestyle” a “death style,” called gays “bigots” who commit hate crimes, and said the repeal of DADT will lead to a draft. That’s not everything, just from October to June. Yes, Fischer has said all that over the course of about four months.

So, that, apparently, is an example of “family values,” on a Christian “pro-family” radio network, but a photo — which happens to be an ad for an HIV/AIDS research study, which you can currently see in the top left corner of this site, is “offensive.”

I’m not sure what’s really in Wilson’s mind, so I can’t think what else he might have found offensive, but I’ll tell you this: our content versus his? Anyone in their right mind would find Bryan Fischer’s anti-gay, anti-Muslim hatred far more offensive than anything published here.

Wilson writes that “the reality TV shows, Taboo and Forbidden Loves had those on who talked about their deep desires to marry their ‘LOVES’ (ei: a building for one, a car for another….).  The push to do away with traditional marriage REQUIRES US to accept that one should be allowed to marry whomever or whatever he or she wants.  It’s all about the ‘love’, they tell us.  If we love each other……and that’s the rub for these homosexual writers.  They say that my arguement is faulty because a building or a car can’t love someone back.  True, but that small fact isn’t keeping those who ‘love’ those objects from wanting to “marry” them, and they use the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE AND REASONING THAT THE HOMOSEXUAL, GAY RIGHTS ADVOCATES USE!”

Um, no.

What if fact we argue is that these people who, for whatever reason, supposedly love their buildings, cars, dogs, etc., cannot ever marry them because marriage is a legal contract and for the contract to be legal both parties must be able to consent to it.

If you’re not human you cannot consent. Period.

So, Mr. Wilson, get your facts straight.

And, seriously, are you really worried that a rash of people are going to start falling in love with animals and inanimate objects if gay marriage is legal? I’m sure, regardless of the law, people fall in love, and law has nothing to do with it.

By the way, any cases of someone claiming to love and want to marry an animal or inanimate object that I’ve seen — albeit, I have seen a very few — were heterosexual love. A man wanting to marry a “female” car, for instance.

Here’s an invitation: Debate me, Mr. Wilson, here, on the site, on how legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to people marrying their pets, cars, boats, trailers, or buildings.

Let’s put this to rest once and for all.

And, one last thing: Tell Bryan Fischer to seek mental help.

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Mykelbarber December 2, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Hysterical nonsense from a hate group leader is par for the course. The AFA is full of relgious fanatics as bad as any member of the Taliban. They have the same modus operandi. Just look at what they propose to put into law, ridiculous junk science (intellgent design), unworkable sexual abstinence policy proven to have failed the world over causing more STD transmission and pregnancies than rational, fact based sexual health education, and fighting marriage equality with nothing more than their religious prejudice and hatred to back up their bigotry. These people are mentally and emotionally stunted and have nothing to offer the world except hate, bigotry and fear. The only reason to pay attention to them is that they have influence in public policy where we must fight them tooth and nail and win on facts, not garbage faith.

Scott_Rose December 2, 2011 at 10:36 pm

There are two things that Mr. Wilson apparently refuses to acknowledge. One is that the United States is not a theocracy. Another is that whole Christian Churches ordain out married gay and/or lesbian ministers. And, heterosexual Christian members of those (and other) Churches support marriage equality for their gay family members, friends and associates. Many are heterosexual Christians that are long past having included their same-sex-married family members, friends and associates in the wider circles of love of their whole families. Mr. Wilson has no authority to define what is genuinely Christian and what is not. He and his AFA cohorts, for example might point to translations of Leviticus that they believe say forbid homosexuality. However, Leviticus also states that if a woman marries but is then discovered not to have been a virgin at the time of the marriage, she should be killed. Mr. Wilson does *not* get to cherry pick which portions of bible texts apply and which do not and then according to his own prejudices declare what is truly Christian and what is not. It is Christian to support marriage equality, as is demonstrated by all the Christian Churches that do so. The New Civil Rights Movement applauds and loves those Christians.

David Badash December 3, 2011 at 1:31 am

Curiously, it seems Mr. Wilson decided to comment here, then later his comments were removed. I would assume that he deleted them himself, but of course I don't know that to be a fact. What I DO know is that when I first saw Wilson's post, before I wrote this one here, I registered and left a comment. That was ten hours ago. Of course, why would I expect Wilson to have the moral decency to allow a legitimate comment to his site that actually disagrees with his post and proves I'm right?

I do see that Wilson hasn't taken me up on my very fair offer to a debate.

It's easy to push your agenda when you're a multi-million dollar corporation with tons of radio stations and on-air hosts and writers and producers and lawyers and ad agents and technicians all working toward one goal: attempting to sway public opinion about the LGBT community — toward their backwards, hate-filled, anti-gay agenda.

Of course, we have something even more powerful: truth and fairness and the knowledge that the majority of the American people are on our side.

IndieVoter December 3, 2011 at 2:01 am

David, it appears he wants you to call into him on Monday. Here is the update:

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