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Catholic School Fires Teacher For Supporting Gay Marriage In Self-Review

by David Badash on June 11, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,Education,News

A Catholic school in Moorhouse, Minnesota has fired a fifth-grade teacher after eleven years when she responded on a school-issued self-evaluation questionnaire that she supports same-sex marriage. St. Joseph’s Catholic School, established in 1880 by Benedictine Sisters, reportedly told Trish Cameron to write a letter of resignation and said she would not have her contract renewed for the fall.

In other words, St. Joseph’s Catholic School is 100% intolerant of views not authorized by the Catholic Church, and is willing to fire anyone who states, even confidentially, that they do.

“In a letter sent to St. Joseph’s staff and families, Trish Cameron said she was told June 1 she would not be offered a contract for the following school year because of her response to a question on a self-evaluation,” the Grand Forks Herald reported:

The question concerned whether she supported the Catholic Church’s teachings, she wrote in the letter.

Her response, as quoted in her letter, reads: “I do not agree w/ all Church teachings on a personal level but I do not bring my own opinions into our religion classes. We tend to focus on respect and love for one another and living out our call as servants whenever a ‘political’ topic crops (which it rarely, if ever, does).”

After a later discussion with school administration, Cameron said in the letter that she told them she did not agree with the church’s stance against gay marriage. Because of her dissent, she was asked to write a brief letter of resignation.

Families and staff also received a letter signed by Principal Toby Bierl and Superintendent and church Monsignor Mike Foltz. That letter stated that because of “an unfortunate circumstance” and the school’s “fiduciary responsibility” as a “Catholic-Christian school,” Cameron was asked to resign.

In the letter, the school officials credited Cameron with being instrumental in developing St. Joseph’s drama club and for “her love of teaching and her kind and giving heart.” The situation “leaves the school with an air of sadness,” the letter stated.

The Herald quotes Cameron:

“In my honest to goodness heart, I want the interest in this story to build bridges for all the right reasons, not to tear things down,” Cameron said. “I feel like perhaps there is a wave of interest that may need to come and go before I speak about this.”

“I think that would be my higher calling – that is to say – if I am called to speak up with what’s been printed at some point, I want it to be for the right reasons,” Cameron said. “I want to be in an environment where people are listening. I want it all to unfold for all the right reasons.”

While St. Joseph’s Catholic School charges around $3000 annually for tuition, assumedly the state subsidizes the school as well. The school offers a link to state tax forms for parents. But Catholics’ religious liberties are being infringed, according to people like the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue.

Last week, The New Civil Rights Movement reported that a Cincinnati, Ohio, Christian academy hired a music teacher, then called him back in, asked him if he is gay, then fired him, all with hours.

Also last week, Gallup reported that 29% of Republicans — almost three out of every ten — believe that school boards should be able to fire teachers simply for being gay. Only 15% of America’s Catholics believe it’s OK to fire someone for being gay.


School Board Teaches ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Teacher It’s Not OK To Say So


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Scott_Rose June 11, 2012 at 7:31 pm

Anybody who remains in the Catholic Church, or who contributes to its money raising and functioning, is guilty of enabling it to 1) continue acting as the world's single largest anti-gay hate group, and; 2) rape children and then deny justice to the victims, and protection to other children, who are all potential victims. The Church's enablers are just as guilty as the rat bastards at the top of the Church hierarchy. Don't get me started on the Reichskonkordat — the Vatican's political treaty with Adolph Hitler.

dvelco June 11, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Thanks for this article and your site. What you do is appreciated.  I posted it to my LGBT Group on LinkedIn and also made a comment there to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup.

Link to group >>

All LGBT+ and community allies…. please come join me and 14,000 of your soon to be great friends on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world's countries.

It is strictly professional office friendly dialog, posting and profiles / profile images. I've been told by many that it may well be one of the best run / managed groups on LinkedIn. It even has several LinkedIn top executives as members.

You can be as out or private as you like and I provide instructions on how to set those preferences (In the Manager's Choice area).
EVERY new member is placed automatically and systematically on a temporary 100% moderation to ensure that Right Wingers don't join and immediately spew forth their garbage. I have the ability to place individuals on 100% moderation at any time and can remove and ban people from the group as necessary. If removed for hate speech I report them to LinkedIn.

It's core value is – Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe's largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT – or a welcomed community ally.

StanleyJames June 12, 2012 at 12:45 am

She should be thanking God. Heres a couple other attrocities of the church besides their sex starved, even forbidden to masturbate priests renaming it the church of the endless hidden molestation of kids

Take all this in the context of how the church says official policy – treat everyone with dignity and respect

1. when Matthew Shepard was murdered by McKinney and Henderson, the hcurch tried to smear the prosecutor and illegally influence the jury

After the conviction the church spread the rumor that the murder was a drug deal gone bad. IMHO this sounds like something the taliban would do

There have been quite a few examples of a church funeral where when the priest realized the son/ daughter was there with a gay partner the priest walked out of the funeral and didnt show at the cemetary

this is just a form of SPIRITUAL MOLESTATION.

StanleyJames June 12, 2012 at 12:47 am

BTW the church biz also happened in England per a post on pink news.

Whats next – back to physical molestation by torture and fire?

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