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Cody Daigle


NYC Tonight: A Very Special “A Home Across The Ocean”

by David Badash ● 2:18 PM September 21, 2010

“A Home Across The Ocean,” a very special play by frequent-contributor to this site, Cody Daigle, tonight offers a very special event: Daniel Siford will be the special guest for Talk-Back Tuesday after the 7pm performance of A Home Across The Ocean at Theatre Row. Cody is a Louisiana-based LGBTQ journalist. His play, “A Home [...]

Cody Daigle

Kindergarten Kitchen Family

by Cody Daigle ● 9:00 AM September 9, 2010

In many ways, the most subversive message we can send out into the world about LGBT families and LGBT marriages is “they’re as ordinary as heterosexual ones.”

Bigotry Watch

Fear and Cowardice in Louisiana’s Capitol for LGBTs

by Cody Daigle ● 1:44 PM July 29, 2010

A pro-diversity resolution including LGBTs is pulled in Baton Rouge because of anti-gay backlash, and both the opponents and supporters of the resolution have failed our community.

Cody Daigle

Rekers, the Rent Boy and Saving Our Own

by Cody Daigle ● 1:49 PM May 8, 2010

Thinking about Lucien, the other half of the Rekers rent boy scandal.

Cody Daigle

Eleven Names

by Cody Daigle ● 2:00 PM May 5, 2010

Thinking about the often overlooked price of the Deepwater Horizon accident — the 11 rig workers who died in the explosion.

Cody Daigle

Louisiana Fishermen and the Price of the Oil Crisis

by Cody Daigle ● 6:00 PM May 4, 2010

A closer look at economic impact of the Gulf oil crisis.

Cody Daigle

Holes in the Floor: Telling the Right Story from the Gulf

by Cody Daigle ● 2:00 PM May 3, 2010

The real story unfolding in the Gulf Coast oil leak crisis has yet to be told.

Cody Daigle

Five Things You Can’t Tell a Gay Southerner

by Cody Daigle ● 12:00 PM April 28, 2010

When gay Republicans make assumptions… well, you know.

Civil Rights

The Gay Agenda is an American Agenda (or, why I don’t like Gay Republicans)

by Cody Daigle ● 4:24 PM April 27, 2010
Thumbnail image for The Gay Agenda is an American Agenda (or, why I don’t like Gay Republicans)

Why the “Gay Agenda” is an American agenda and why Gay Republicans are missing the boat.

Bigotry Watch

Eating Their Own: Outing Graham and the Price of Gay-Baiting on The Right

by Cody Daigle ● 12:00 PM April 21, 2010

The push to “out” Sen. Lindsey Graham by ALIPAC shows us the inevitable end of Republican gay-baiting.

Bigotry Watch

Gay SCOTUS Justice?: The AFA Peddles Homophobia

by Cody Daigle ● 7:30 AM April 19, 2010
Thumbnail image for Gay SCOTUS Justice?: The AFA Peddles Homophobia

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association peddles homophobia in considering a gay Supreme Court justice.

Cody Daigle

Politics and Porn

by Cody Daigle ● 4:53 PM April 13, 2010

The states with the harshest anti-gay laws are also the states searching for the most gay porn online. What does this mean for the LGBT community?