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Calling ‘Obama Witchdoctor’ Display Racist Infuriates Racist NJ Residents

by David Badash on October 11, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Media,News

Post image for Calling ‘Obama Witchdoctor’ Display Racist Infuriates Racist NJ Residents

A Spring Lake, New Jersey men’s clothing store owner, Bill Skuby, created a racist window display featuring a photoshopped image of President Barack Obama, naked, sans a loin cloth, headdress, and a bone through his nose. The image is captioned “ObamaCare” with the “C” fashioned as a communist sickle, a symbol of the former Soviet Union. Standing beside the image is a bobble head doll of Barack Obama wearing a shirt that bears the word “hoax.”

Yesterday,, “New Jersey’s largest website for local news, sports, entertainment, jobs, autos, real estate and information, powered by 12 New Jersey newspapers and the staff,” published a news report, a blog post denouncing the display but supporting the store owner’s free speech rights, and an editorial opposing the display.

Most of the readers, based on the comments, are furious — at, President Obama, Liberals, and anyone who thinks the image of the President of the United States, almost totally naked sans a loin cloth and bone through his nose is racist.

“Skuby, 66, a Spring Lake resident, saw nothing wrong with displaying his anti-Obama visual, which has been up since last week, for the world to see,” the article reported:

“A lot of people feel the way I feel, but are just afraid to say it,” said Skuby, who said that public response on the street in front of his store ran “70 percent positive” in favor of the display’s anti-Obama sentiments. “It always comes down to the race card.”

Skuby felt that the proverbial “race card” was one that he could flip over in his favor because of his particular family circumstances.

“The middle one is my granddaughter,” said Skuby, holding up a photo of his now 17-year old biracial grandchild Brett, flanked by two other grandchildren who are white. “My son married a girl that had a biracial kid. She is every bit a part of our family as the other two in this picture. I’m not racist. And as long as my grandchild doesn’t think I’m a racist, I’m perfectly fine with all of this.”

“A lot of people” includes some readers. Here are some of their comments, taken from the article, blog post, and editorial.

high unemployment and a growing deficit doesn’t mean he did good things. Its means the opposite incase you missed it. You my friend are the racist, because if people so happen to disagree with the Presidents failed policies, we automatically get called racist…that is pure garbage, as are you. Romney 2012. (link)


That sign is not racist. Obama is of the ancestry of the Negro African witch doctors, and because of the greatest country that ever was, i.e. America, a Negro of the ancestry of the witch doctor had the opportunity to learn English, become civilized and go on to be a U.S. Senator and the President. But that does not give Obama or anyone else of African ancestry or any ancestry the authority to pass or sign unconstitutional legislation. Obama care is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution. (link)


The racist is the President….have him get rid of Affirmative Action and I’ll consider him for President. Until then, Go Romney…..and as far as giving your opinion, go ahead, but please refrain from telling people where they should shop. is a pathetic, and I mean pathetic excuse for a news outlet…with all due respect, go screw yourself (link)


Accusations of racism are the first resort of scoundrels (link)


Portraying a black man as a primitive witch doctor in a loin cloth with a bone through his nose is racist.

Says who Star Liberal??? Says who phony Liberals . Do Voodoo Tribes not exist? How about the African tribes with Plates in their lips? These are Tribes who have followed these customs for many many years. Who are you to determine its racsist. You have not elaborated in the article accept to call this racism without explaining why.

Would someone please post the name of the store so I can start my Christmas Shopping Early. I’m not kidding I will definitely stop by and support that store. Gays can scream out when they disagree with something. They try everything they can to ruin businesses but fail anyway. Blacks riot when they disagree with controversial police shootings without one fact coming forward.This is ok. This man has no confidence in this President like thousands and thousands of others and simply places the face of the President on a body of black person! Voodoo doctors are either dark Latin Americans or Black. They have many respectable followers who fear, respect, and have complete faith in them. It is you Star Liberal, and the rest of you phony liberals who consider it an insult. Please Tell us why then. (link)


Only a worried black person would write something like this. American blacks are working hard for a one way Government airline ticket back to their African homelands. They were brought here by force against their will which they remind us of 24/7. Maybe the Lion Kings and Lion Queens can be urged to leave. (link)


Why is it racist? And why does he have to be redneck? After all, Obama’s entire political campaign rides on his “blackness”. Only reason “minority” people came out to vote 4 years ago was because a BLACK man was running for office, where were they before??? Look at comments people left on Stacey Dash’s pages because she’s a black woman endorsing Romney! OMG the blasphemy!!! Obama made this about race, continues to make it about race, so I do not see what the issue is. Oh wait for it, here come the “well you’re a racist” comments…LMFAO!!! (link)


I’m sure this has been said already on this artical, but I feel like saying it again because it is central to the topic.

The only reason people feel that this is racist is because obama is half Negro. If obama was half Italian or half Irish or half any other Caucasian mix, this would be laughed off, particularly by any of the different variations of Negros reading this and therefore would not be an issue. This is political satire or political dissent NOT racism.

BTW, the satire is spot on. obamacare is pure BS and obama is the Witch Doctor. (link)

Welcome to post-racial America.

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Alex_Parrish October 11, 2012 at 10:38 am

"sans" doesn't mean what you apparently think it does. Your incorrect use of the word in the very first sentence makes the article suspect before one even gets into it. Please be more careful — and try to use only words you know.

Huntercgo October 11, 2012 at 2:58 pm

To clarify, "sans" means "without."

NowSwimBack October 11, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Yeah of course. It's only acceptable to invoke negative stereotypes of White people. How many shows do they have on TV with the name "redneck" in the title? But make one about a Negro and it's, "Dats wayyycisss!!"

tsunley13 October 12, 2012 at 12:39 am

Before I start let me state something upfront. I am a registered Republican. I did NOT vote for President Obama nor will I be voting for him in the upcoming election. Now, that being said, I am appalled by this picture and even more so by all the comments and support for this man's actions. The guy who posted this picture is a racist. I am all for free speech, but what this guy did, goes beyond "free speech". I posted something similar last night about a similar situation. If Mr. Skuby isn't a racist, as he is being rightly called in my opinion, then why is he resorting to racist tactics to express his dislike for President Obama's politics? This picture in his store has NOTHING to do with any of President Obama's political stances or decisions he has made while in office. I don't see a person disagreeing with President Obama's political beliefs. I do, however, see a picture of someone degrading a person based on the color of their skin and their "assumed" family heritage all bc they disagree with their politics. Is that really what we want to teach our children? If you don't agree with someone, it's ok to ridicule them and make fun of them? That it's ok to attack someones skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc bc you disagree with something they believe in? It's ok to believe how you want, but no one else is entitled to that same right? Is that what you're saying Mr. Skuby and also his supporters? I'm sorry to say but this picture isn't an act of simply protesting the politics and beliefs of President Obama. It is an expression of hate based on the color of President Obama's skin. What this man did by displaying this picture is the equivalent of yelling out a racial slur. And using his granddaughter as means to attempt to cover up an arbitrary racist display, is revolting. He is obviously aware that his actions were racist in nature or he wouldn't haven't been so quick, not to mention prepared, to defend himself.
As I stated above, I did not vote for President Obama in 2008 and I won't be voting for him in November either. My point is this; Regardless of whether or not I voted for him, or whether or not I agree with his policies and stances on certain issues is a moot point. He is still the President of the United States of America. He is MY President. He is YOUR President. He is Mr. Skuby's President. We may disagree with him on political issues but he still deserves our respect bc he is OUR President. We can voice our disagreements with President Obama's politics by supporting other candidates we feel better represents our beliefs without having to resort to demeaning and demoralizing racial antics. All credibility is lost when stating your beliefs about President Obama's politics when you post pictures such as these or when you bring in race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. to any argument.
As for myself, I am embarrassed as a registered Republican to be associated with other Republicans such as Mr. Skuby and the people who support actions such as his. People like Mr. Skuby and his supporters are a disgrace to the Republican Party bc they see nothing wrong with these actions. People like them think it's ok to protest our President using racist tactics bc of their Constitutional right to free speech. I don't agree with the actions of any person affiliated with any political party who has to resort to hate in attempt to make a statement. If a person's reasons behind not wanting President Obama, or any other candidate for that matter, to be elected are valid, have merit, AND they are well informed on the matters about which they are discussing, then the reasons they pose should be able to carry themselves on their own. If they have to bring in the color of someones skin, their religion, sexual orientation, etc in an attempt to carry or make their argument, then maybe they are the ones who needs to re-evaluate what it is exactly they are questioning.

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