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  • Anti-Gay Texas Elected Officials Cut The Cake For Hate

    Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and anti-gay friends in the Texas legislature prematurely celebrated 10 years of Texas' same-sex marriage ban by cutting a hate-filled cake at the Texas Capitol.

    On Tuesday, anti-gay elected officials in Texas' Capitol prematurely celebrated the anniversary of the state's same-sex marriage ban by cutting a hate-based cake topped by pink frosting that reads: "10th Anniversary of 2005 Marriage Act."

    Perhaps they've forgotten the birthday of their cherished discriminatory law. Texas Proposition 2, which added a same-sex marriage ban to the state's constitution, won't be a decade old till November 8. If it lives to see that day.



    More than 60 federal court rulings, including four appellate court rulings, have already found similar same-sex marriage bans of other states to be unconstitutional and discriminatory, and the U.S. Supreme Court is widely expected to rule consistently this June.

    Legal reasonings and the principles of equality under the law didn't stop House Rep. Cecil Bell from cutting the cake while others in the anti-gay party reached in for a piece of the cake-cutting action, eagerly wedding themselves to anti-gay bigotry — till death do they part.

    The oddly-timed celebration came in the form of Texas Faith and Family Day on the capitol, organized by Texas Values, Texas Right to Life and the Texas Pastors Council. The Austin American-Statesman posted a video report covering the cringe-worthy affair.

    "I need your back. I need your prayers every day. Every member needs your prayers every day" Lt. Governor Dan Patrick told the crowd of religious conservatives, to cheers. "We will be victorious. Because if God is with us who could be against us?"

    "It is not discriminatory, as they want to call it," said Rep Donna Campbell, a Tea Party state Senator who campaigns for a religious license to discriminate against LGBT people. "It is actually discriminatory against who? Against us!"

    Hat Tip: Dallas Voice
    Image: Texas Values (via Facebook)

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    • commented 2015-02-28 12:52:56 -0500
      The three most hate-filled groups in Texas: Texas Values, Texas Right to Life and the Texas Pastors Council. I wonder which group would be the first to hand the soldiers the nails to crucify Jesus. The Southern Baptists have already emasculated the Jesus of the New Testament. Not much left to do but to re-brand and reissue this hate-filled Texas monster.

    • commented 2015-02-28 10:07:22 -0500
      Your actions sicken me! You make me embarrassed to say I live in Texas. You should be ashamed to say you’re Christian as youdiscriminate against basic human rights.

    • commented 2015-02-28 00:14:31 -0500
      they hate gays bit believe in God, which is a myth

    • commented 2015-02-28 00:13:58 -0500
      The ones that hate gays the most, always look so gay, lol

    • commented 2015-02-27 21:45:17 -0500
      Let’s hope the so-called Marriage Act gets torn to shred, for their sakes. A few of those waistlines could definitely benefit from less cake.

    • commented 2015-02-27 13:13:37 -0500
      Hope the choke on it! The bastards!

    • commented 2015-02-26 23:20:09 -0500
      Time to publicly boycott that bakery. the box is in the picture.

    • commented 2015-02-26 23:19:24 -0500
      Time to publicly boycott that bakery.

    • commented 2015-02-26 22:57:21 -0500
      A picture of bigots reveling in their bigotry. For the history book.

    • commented 2015-02-26 19:02:26 -0500
      Seems to me that a couple of women were ordered to be married in Austin, Texas, just last week. This cake is really to celebrate that, unbeknownst to the eaters. May they choke on it!

    • commented 2015-02-26 16:49:15 -0500
      I spy with my little eye at least two probable closet cases in that group photo.

    • commented 2015-02-26 15:34:33 -0500
      Such a small group of people…I wonder if any of them have seen the pride parade. When things finally change, and they will change, those people will always keep cutting a hate cake and have to live with their choices. Just like my choice was to go to D.C., marry my wife, come back to Texas and still call her my wife, still pay taxes jointly, and still legally change our names. Can you stop me? NO…Can you stop my church from publishing a celebration of marriage notice? NO…can you stop me from praying to God because I married a woman? NO….you have no power over me. Only God can judge me. Next step, babies…and guess what you can’t stop that either! Get a clue.

    • commented 2015-02-26 14:17:45 -0500
      So sick, what a despicable group of people.

    • commented 2015-02-26 12:18:15 -0500
      OK WAIT… This is a cake cutting at a gay wedding, right?

    • commented 2015-02-26 10:14:33 -0500
      “We will be victorious. Because if God is with us who could be against us?”

      Hmmmm…they are counting on a mighty big “If” there, now aren’t they?

    • commented 2015-02-26 08:16:37 -0500
      I see at least four closet cases in this photo

    • commented 2015-02-26 07:38:11 -0500
      where are the pictures of the after-party orgy?

    • commented 2015-02-25 22:47:24 -0500
      Just because you go to church two or three times a week and live a righteous life, discrimination, segregation and bigotry paints a whole different picture! If you have degrees and PHD’s but still segregate and discriminate against a segment of society, you are not living a righteous life! If you attained political power and position, Governor, Senator, Representative or mayor and cross over to the dark side with discriminatory and segregationists rhetoric, that shines a bright light on your real beliefs! Alienating and segregating people for their skin color, origin, language they speak or status in life shows racism and prejudice!

    • commented 2015-02-25 20:08:24 -0500
      How can they get such unbridled joy out of causing unhappiness in people who never harmed them?

    • commented 2015-02-25 19:56:43 -0500
      Maybe they be lucky if someone goes in and bomb them straight to hell!!!! That would be something nice to wake up to the morning news.. =)

    • commented 2015-02-25 18:37:19 -0500
      God is not on their side. They claim i some perverse way that they are somehow discriminated against when a loving couple is granted the same rights and responsibilities before the law that they enjoy. Nowhere in the bible does God say marriage is only between a man and a woman. They would do well to remember the vows they repeat when they marry were from a woman to another.

    • commented 2015-02-25 18:26:57 -0500
      They can claim they are being discriminated against but they have no support. No proof. Their self-imposed ignorance and brand of “Christianity” make them look like fools. They are also dangerous. Our fight is not over yet.

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