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Breaking: Media Focus On Empire State Shooting, Ignore The 19 People Shot In Chicago 12 Hours Earlier

by David Badash on August 24, 2012

in Guns,News,Politics

Post image for Breaking: Media Focus On Empire State Shooting, Ignore The 19 People Shot In Chicago 12 Hours Earlier

As usual, the media is obsessed with a frightening shooting this morning at New York City’s Empire State Building that occurred about 60 minutes ago, and rightly so. Reports state up to 10 people were shot, including the shooter, who was shot dead by police. Reports suggest one of the shooting victims may also be dead, and the violence may have been related to a disgruntled worker. The media is repeately stating this was not a terrorism incident.

Sadly, last night, eight people were also shot in Chicago in one incident, and a total of 19 people were victims of gun violence in Chicago last night — within 30 minutes.

The media have largely ignored this story from Chicago, despite the fact that 19 is a lot more than eight.

“Chicago police are searching for a person who shot and wounded eight people in one incident on the South Side at 79th and Kingston,” local Chicago ABC 7 News reports:

Two of the victims are 14- and 15-year-olds; both are at Comer Children’s Hospital being treated for gunshot wounds. One of them was shot in the arm. Another was shot in the back of the neck.

Eight people were hit. Seven young men and one woman were hit ranging in age from 14 to 20. Most are in stable condition.

There were also other shootings overnight. Those were separate incidents, but in all, 19 people were shot and injured from Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Meanwhile, the top three major cable news networks, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX are all covering the Empire State shooting live.

In fact, every day of the year, there are victims of gun violence, including multiple victims in singular incidents, like the July 20 Aurora, Colorado shooting massacre that took twelve lives and wounded 58 others. Or like the tragic August 8 shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin that left a total of seven people dead. Or like the August 13 shooting near Texas A&M University that left three dead.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence notes today that an estimated 104 people were shot already today, and 268 people are shot every single day in America. The Brady Campaign adds 63,824 people have been shot this year, with a total of 97, 820 people shot each year, here in the United States of America. 9,484 people are killed by someone with a gun every year in America.

But since there was a shooting today, it’s not time for us to talk about gun violence or gun control.

Perhaps the NRA, so-called “gun rights” advocates (guns have rights?) and Second Amendment advocates will let us know what day would be “good” to begin a national conversation on gun control.


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Ronnie_in_Va August 24, 2012 at 2:10 pm

David, I'll concede that the US has more gun deaths than other countries, but posting total deaths to make the United States look worse than it really is when compared to the other countries shown is no better than what Regnerus did in his recent report. Fear-mongering is constantly being exposed on this web site and you of all people should be above using it.

The fact is when adjusted for population, the United States is not thousands of times worse than those countries listed as your chart would lead us to believe. The U.S has 3.04 gun deaths per 100,000 annually. Our neighbor to the north with strict gun control has .58 gun deaths per 100,000. The deaths are a tragedy, but guns also save lives here in the U.S., something that cannot happen in countries that have outlawed them. In 1997 the Clinton Justice Department study indicated that guns are used more than 1.5 million times annually for self defense.

I am a transsexual lesbian and suffer from heart failure. My options for running away or defending myself are limited, and lets face it… I'm a target for bigotry and hatred. I have a concealed gun permit and legally carry my firearm everywhere I go. Each November the Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds me why I carry a gun. I refuse to be a victim and I don't want my son to grow up without both his moms. I'll continue to fight for my 2nd amendment rights as well as my 14th.

mrausch73 August 25, 2012 at 6:55 pm

These Chicago shootings are covered by the media, both local and national. Google Chicago shootings + MSN, for example, and scads of results come up. I live in Chicago and can watch some of these shootings from my front window, and I have never seen it so bad. I don't think, though, that media coverage makes a difference. Not a day goes by that there are not front page headlines about the last night's shootings. That hasn't made a difference. Because of that, you're trying for the national news angle, but that doesn't really pan out either as an excuse. The reality is that most of these are gang shootings, the victims often don't cooperate with police, and most people in the neighborhood don't care much for one more gangbanger that got shot in the butt and has previously shot people himself.

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