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Breaking: Archbishop’s Damning Testimony On Child Sex Abuse Released (Video, Transcript)

by David Badash on April 22, 2014

in News,Religion

Post image for Breaking: Archbishop’s Damning Testimony On Child Sex Abuse Released (Video, Transcript)

After much stonewalling, the archbishop of Minneapolis and St. Paul finally testified in a four-hour court deposition on April 2 about his role in managing child sex abuse cases, and his comments can only be described as damning.

Archbishop John Nienstedt claimed to have no knowledge that known child sexual abusers were working under his nose during his current six-year tenure, claimed to have delegated all duties surrounding allegations and follow-up of child sex abuse cases, admitted to actively hiding information of priests suspected of child abuse, and even admitted that his diocese had never handed over to law enforcement authorities a single complete case file.

LOOK: US Archbishop Nienstedt: Satan Is ‘The Source’ Of Same-Sex Marriage

One of the plaintiffs’ attorneys is accusing Nienstedt of lying under oath. “We have a serious pattern of deceit and deception by this archbishop and his predecessors,” Jeff Anderson says, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Throughout the contentious questioning, Nienstedt portrayed himself as a leader who relied on others to handle the clergy sexual abuse crisis. He professed little knowledge of the scandal within his archdiocese and said he assumed it was safe for children. Nienstedt said it “didn’t occur” to him to ask for a list of abusive priests when he arrived in 2007 and that he didn’t review any clergy files. He said he did not know that one priest had pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a boy in the 1980s or that another was receiving secret disability payments for pedophilia. Several of his statements are contradicted by internal documents obtained by MPR News.

“Typically, I’m a hands-on person, but I have to delegate responsibilities,” Nienstedt testified.

And later:

“Do you think you’re doing a good job?” Anderson said.

“I believe I am, yes,” Nienstedt said.

“When Nienstedt became archbishop in 2008, he said he had a briefing with key archdiocese officials about clergy abuse,” the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. “He testified he didn’t remember any names of abusive priests mentioned at the time, how many were being monitored, and even the names of the archdiocese officials present.”

Archbishop Nienstedt has been one of the loudest anti-gay voices in the Catholic Church in America. He has claimed “Satan” is the source of same-sex marriage, he spammed hundreds of thousands of Minnesota residents with an anti-gay marriage DVD sent through the U.S. mail, and yet had the audacity to claim his attempts to ban same-sex marriage were “not intended to be hurtful.”

Below, the video of Archbishop Nienstedt’s testimony (complete), and the actual text from his deposition:



Deposition of Archbishop John Nienstedt (taken April 2, 2014) by Minnesota Public Radio




Report Shows Archdiocese Placed Obstacles for Child Abuse Investigators

Cops Trying To Investigate Sex Abuse At St. Paul Archdiocese: ‘We Have Been Told No’


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johnozed April 22, 2014 at 5:20 pm

He seems like he misses the days when priests could do anything they wanted without any questions.
That's just too bad.

snapjudy April 22, 2014 at 7:40 pm

"Nienstedt answered every question and continually reiterated that child safety is the highest priority"… We now know from his testimony that this statement is a bold face lie. Child safety was not and still is not his highest priority.

Plus: The Archbishop expressed regret for "mistakes"?
It is way past time that church officials stop using the word for their wrong doings as "mistakes".. They keep trying to dismiss the severity of their actions of enabling and empowering child sex abusers to abuse more children. These are not a mistakes, these are crimes .
As soon as Archbishop Nienstedt had any suspicion of child sex abuse, he was to report it to law enforcement who are the proper officials to be investigating child sex crimes, not the church officials.

Sadly the sex abuse and cover up within the church hierarchy throughout the world is still going on to this day. Cardinals and bishops are still not removing accused predator clergy, and they are still not reporting to law enforcement. Their so called "zero tolerance" policy is not being followed by the bishops who created it. They don't have to, because there is no punishment to force the bishops to change their ways of protecting their power and the institution rather than protecting innocent children.

Once again we urge outside law enforcement to get involved to stop these crimes against humanity.
Judy Jones, SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

credbrook April 23, 2014 at 1:53 am

Crimes against children are so heinous that accused pedophiles like many priests, Sylvain Kustyan, Jerry Sandusky, etc. AND their enablers, must be apprehended before they have years to continue to destroy young lives. Sandusky is now safely behind bars. But unfortunately, Kustyan, who has been formally charged with two counts each of 1st Degree Sodomy and Sexual Abuse of a ten-year-old little boy, fled to avoid imminent arrest. Kustyan, formerly of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Hermin/ Mazingarbe, France, as an English teacher, has led numerous groups of schoolchildren on trips to the US, the UK and Ireland.. Pedophiles condemn their victims to a lifetime of emotional and psychological trauma and often permanent physical ailments as well. Since the average pedophile has 300 different victims in their lifetime and since the recidivism rate among pedophiles is virtually 100% and since there is no effective treatment and no known cure they must be stopped ASAP!

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