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Boehner Tells LGBT Lawmakers ‘No Way’ Will ENDA Get A Vote This Year

by David Badash on January 29, 2014

in ENDA,News,Politics

Post image for Boehner Tells LGBT Lawmakers ‘No Way’ Will ENDA Get A Vote This Year

John Boehner for the first time ever met with the House of Representatives’ LGBT Equality Caucus and reportedly told them there is “no way” ENDA will be brought to the floor for a vote this year.

The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson broke the news today, after speaking with Democratic Congressman Mark Takano of California, one of the Chairs of the Caucus. The House LGBT Equality Caucus consists of more than 111 House Democrats and two Republicans supportive of advancing LGBT equality.

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“A number of us did meet with, actually the caucus met with Speaker Boehner,” Takano told the Blade. “He said no way was [ENDA] going to get done in this session.”

Asked to clarify whether he meant that ENDA won’t come up this year, Takano said, “Yeah. He said it wasn’t going to happen in this session.”

Brad Jacklin, executive director of the LGBT Equality Caucus, confirmed a meeting took place, but offered only a few details.

“A number of members asked to meet with the speaker, who tries to accommodate such requests,” Jacklin said. “It was a members-only meeting and was off the record. The Equality Caucus and its leadership continues to work together to educate members of the House on LGBT issues and build bipartisan support for legislation like ENDA.”

What remains unclear is why Boehner reportedly said ENDA “wasn’t going to happen in this session.” Is it because he doesn’t think there are enough votes to pass, or he don’t want it to pass?

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In November of last year, the Senate passed ENDA 64-32, so why won’t Boehner bring the bill tot he floor for an up or down vote?

Of course, Boehner is already on the record on ENDA, so these questions may be moot.

One week after last year’s historic Senate vote on ENDA, Speaker Boehner, as The New Civil Rights Movement reported then, held a press conference and told America that he saw “no basis or no need” for protecting LGBT workers. He also called ENDA “unnecessary,” and he reiterated that LGBT people “are already protected in the workplace” — which is false. He also threw up a straw man, falsely claiming that if ENDA were law it “would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits.”


Image via John Boehner’s Facebook page


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dbcexplorer January 29, 2014 at 6:20 pm

When will this idiot be out of office? How is he still elected? And why should any one person be allowed to decide what gets voted on and what doesn't???

StanJames January 30, 2014 at 7:49 pm

REpublican leadership pandering to the southern bible belt (anti) christs who now have a new enemy to hate.

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