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UPDATED: Bloggers, Activists Band Together Against NC’s Anti-Gay Amendment One

by David Badash on April 30, 2012

in Civil Rights,Legislation,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for UPDATED: Bloggers, Activists Band Together Against NC’s Anti-Gay Amendment One

Bloggers, activists, and concerned allies today are working to raise money to defeat North Carolina‘s anti-gay Amendment One, which not only would ban same-sex marriage via a constitutional amendment, but would removes legal protections and rights from both same-sex and opposite-sex couples and their children. This is the final week before voting day, May 8, although reports state early voting is high.

A Twitter-based fundraiser for today, started by Courage Campaign’s Adam Bink, to defeat Amendment One is underway, with at least two dozen opponents of the measure vowing to donate $1 for each new follower added until midnight tonight. Of course, yours truly is participating, so if you’re on Twitter, please make sure you’re following me: @davidbadash. I’ve also have been promised matching funds by the very generous Peter Flom. If you’d like to match me, let me know via Twitter or email.

Among the fundraisers today are political satirist & co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, and fellow bloggers Pam SpauldingScottie ThomastonJoe SudbayJeremy HooperScott WooledgeBil BrowningLaurel RamseyerLane Hudsonand of course Adam Bink.

Also joining the fundraising efforts are Andy Szekeres, Michael Crawford, Rick JacobsDavid HallKatherine Chesson, Rich FerraroJosh WynneAllison PalmerTodd BeetonCameron TolleNathan Henderson-JamJulia RosenNeil Pople, Andy KelleyRich FerraroCLPAmy BergquistNathan Henderson-JamKathy PlateRobyn OchsK. Travis BallieTed Eytan, MDAWOP Radio,  and Nation Hahn.

And Protect ALL Families from North Carolina, and the TN Equality Project are joining us!

There’s a Storify list of participants, too.

Here are posts by Pam SpauldingScottie Thomaston, Scott Wooledge,  and we’ll add more to this list soon!

“It’s striking that proponents of the bill seem so blithely unconcerned about 50,000 families who need the protection of the state from their abusive, but unmarried, partners,” Scott Wooledge today writes, adding:

Proponents of the bill continue to call the danger to domestic violence laws “lies” but thus far no one other than their three paid hired legal guns-for-hire “experts” seems to be agreeing with them. Their “experts” practice in the areas of international law, military litigation, free speech, church and state issues. None of them appear to have any experience in family, criminal litigation, or constitutional law.

Please, do what you can to help? Follow me and/or offer to match my contributions, donate directly. And spread the word!


Here’s the final list of participants:
@adamjbink, @davidbadash, @dmcrawford, @joesudbay, @pamspaulding, @indiemcemopants, @tedeytan, @LizzWinstead, @clarknt67, @tlanehudson, @AndySzekeres, @kathyplate, @robynochs, @richferraro, @andekelley, @bilerico, @cooper888, @toddbeeton, @goodasyou, @KTravisBallie, @nathanhjb, @juliarosen, @denisdison, @notfakeandrew, @CourageCampaign, @davidhalldc, khj, @laurelramseyer, @pullenparkqueer, @allisonpalmer, @camerontolle, @alb68, @HRC, @TNEquality, @quietis, @rickjacobs, GetEQUAL, @waymonhudson, @chrismassicotte, @xavierla, @raylab, @blabbeando, @pghlesbian24, @madingbaum, @sandibehrns, @matt-thorn, @benjyraymunson, @joshco, @rockrichard, @KarlFrisch @AaronKrager

I’m proud and grateful to say that 122 people followed me on Twitter yesterday, making my goal of $100 easy to reach. If you’re one of them, if you shared this story, or if you helped in any way, I’m grateful. Thank you. And to the very generous Peter Flom, who graciously offered to match me, thank you. What a wonderful act of generosity and kindness!

UPDATE #2 Phil Reese at The Washington Blade is reporting more than 50 bloggers and activists were involved, netting the Coalition to Protect NC Families $43,000 yesterday. Outstanding!

Also raised? Hopes and awareness, and friendships.

To the two people on Twitter who told me I had better keep my promise (was there any doubt?) here’s proof — my donation receipt:


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Scott_Rose May 1, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Pressure should be put on the DNC to fund TV and radio ad buys against the amendment in the remaining days before the May 8 vote. As noted, this is not even a strictly gay-rights matter — domestic violence victims of whatever orientation would be put at risk by the amendment — so it is just dismaying that the DNC doesn't understand that by seizing the day, it could claim the mantle of domestic violence victim protector and use that in the 2012 campaigns against the Republicans, the more so that all Republican male US Senators voted against the Violence Against Women Act. We should be deluging the DNC with demands for ad buys in NC. Wasserman-Schultz making one little public statement against the NC amendment is not enough.

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