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Bishop Fighting Gay Marriage Because He Doesn’t Want Gays To Go To Hell. Maybe.

by David Badash on January 8, 2013

in Marriage,News,Religion

Post image for Bishop Fighting Gay Marriage Because He Doesn’t Want Gays To Go To Hell. Maybe.

Rhode Island‘s Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin is fighting same-sex marriage very hard because he doesn’t want gay people to go to hell. Tobin feels he’s being totally selfless, totally altruistic, because, well, the Father knows best. The Father, and his boss, Pope Benedict XVI, “know” that same-sex marriage will lead to a sentence in hell. Or, something.

“It is our very concern for [gay people's] spiritual welfare, however, that motivates our rejection of the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage,” Bishop Tobin says, adding, that, of course, it’s “important to emphasize once again, however, that while rejecting homosexual activity, the Catholic Church has consistently promoted respect and pastoral care for individuals with same-sex attraction.”

And by consistently, of course, Bishop Tobin means since 1992, and let’s not shade the issue: the Catholic Church states homosexuality is a grave sin, and only celibate homosexuals — but all heterosexuals — can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, supposedly.

In his fight against the impending debate in Rhode Island to extend marriage to same-sex couples — just like the Catholic Church did from the 10th to 16th centuries — Bishop Tobin, in “The General Assembly Should Reject ‘Same-Sex Marriage,’” writes:

The proposal to legalize “same-sex marriage” in the State of Rhode Island is immoral and unnecessary. Despite enormous political pressure, the General Assembly should stand firm, resist the current fashionable trend, and continue to uphold its longstanding commitment to marriage as traditionally defined.

“The proposal to legalize same-sex marriage is an attempt to redefine the institution of marriage as it has existed in every culture from the very beginning of human history,” Tobin adds, which, of course, is totally false, as we know “traditional marriage” used to mean one man and as many wives as he could afford, since wives were merely property.

Tobin, by the way, made headlines in 2009 for demanding U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy, of JFK and RFK heritage, no longer accept communion from his church. All because of Kennedy’s stance on abortion.

“Marriage between a man and a woman was designed by God for two specific purposes: to affirm the complementary roles of males and females in a loving relationship, and to provide a stable foundation for the procreation and raising of children,” Tobin claims. “Homosexual relationships can achieve neither of those goals.”

Really? Well, good thing there’s separation of church and state.

“Secondly, homosexual marriage enshrines into civil law immoral activity,” Tobin states, which of course, is bull. My impending marriage is based on love and a shared vision of the future, just like every other successful heterosexual marriage. “The natural law, the Holy Scriptures, and long-standing religious tradition are very consistent in affirming that homosexual activity is sinful, contrary to God’s plan. It should never be encouraged, ratified or ‘blessed’ by the state.”

The state does not “bless” marriages, but does recognize that marriage is good for society.

Tobin also calls same-sex marriage “an untested social experiment with unpredictable long-term outcomes,” which, again, is pure bunk.

“One cannot tinker with this societal DNA without risking unknown changes to the structure of our society, especially as it relates to the proper upbringing of children,” he adds, which is totally false. Same-sex couples — married and unmarried, have, and will continue to raise children, who grow up to be just as or more successful than their peers raised by opposite-sex parents.

“Another real problem to consider is that the establishment of same-sex marriage would pose yet another threat to religious freedom,” says Tobin. So much for altruism. This is the real issue the Church has with same-sex marriage. Anti-gay religious orders know that when same-sex marriage becomes legal and equal to heterosexual marriage, their antiquated opposition will lead them to be labeled bigots. There’s a difference between religious freedom, and religious oppression — oppression by religion of minorities, like same-sex couples.

“Proponents of same-sex marriage have frequently proclaimed that no religious institution will be obliged to officiate at marriages that are contrary to their beliefs. That may or may not prove to be true,” Tobin notes. It’s important to note that every state that has extended marriage to same-sex couples has bent over backwards to protect religion — which is more than fair.

“But what is of equal concern, however, is that religious bodies will be obliged to extend their resources, facilities and benefits to individuals who are living in immoral relationships – contrary to sincerely held religious beliefs. This is not a hypothetical situation; it’s already happening throughout our nation.”

Yes, because millions of “individuals who are living in immoral relationships” get married by the Church every year. Divorced people, those who are “living together in sin” before marriage, those who eat shellfish, those who wear fabrics made of two different cloths, are all welcomed into the Church and not chastised for their sins. Why pick on LGBT people?

Tobin can claim altruism, he can claim he loves gay people so much that he is fearful for our souls, he can claim same-sex marriage is contrary to biblical teachings all he wants, but none of this matters, because marriage is the purview of the state, not the church.


Hat tip: The Raw Story

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Monroe94102 January 8, 2013 at 9:45 am

Looking forward to the supreme end of proposition 8. It won't matter what these absurd fools think, because their opinions are no match for the power of the law.

Alex_Parrish January 8, 2013 at 11:25 am

Well–he should stop that. Gays deserve to go to hell too! Hell should not be reserved for Roman Catholic clergy exclusively.

dakotahgeo January 22, 2013 at 9:21 pm

LOLOL… thank you, Alex! Those Catholics are gonna get lonesome without us to bug them, heh heh heh.
Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

Mykelbarber January 8, 2013 at 1:23 pm

Dear Bishop Tobin: You can take your phony concern for my non-existent afterlife and shove it. And unless you want your church to start paying taxes to the state of RI, maybe you should STFU.

Seatnai January 8, 2013 at 8:36 pm

There is nothing in the bible to support the claims Tobin is making. His church has a very long history of changing beliefs, the way most people change their clothes. There are numerous examples of ancient church icons still on display in cathedrals all over Europe depicting same sex weddings. These wedding were sometimes referred to as as "brotherly unions", but they were still weddings. And, these weddings were for some of the highest ranking members of society at the time.

Marriage was not even a concern of the church until they found out they could make money and gain power from getting involved; Kind of like the land grabbing done as part of the witch trials. Marriage was defined by local custom, and the need to broker for peace between warring tribes and clans. Women were treated as property, like so many cattle and bags of grain.

The church is finding itself becoming irrelevant in modern society. Church officials continue to promote hateful and restrictive rules with little or no basis in fact for the rules they make. Religious freedom does not mean that religion has any right to prevent same sex couples from getting married if they so choose.

Remember the last time the catholic church had the ability to make laws. We still remember the burning times.

Raytheist January 8, 2013 at 10:34 pm

The teachings and positions of the Roman Catholic Church only apply to those who voluntarily subject themselves to the oppression of the Roman Catholic Church. They have no valid authority or voice outside their own parishioners, and have no valid voice in the secular government of the United States. Mr. Tobin is entitled to his opinions, but his opinions (and his ecclesiastical titled) have no relevance in my life.

asalwayschristine January 9, 2013 at 1:01 am

Bull$hit! Amen….

elizapar11 September 11, 2013 at 12:46 pm

too bad these Roman Catholics are a joke

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