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Bill Donohue: The Catholic League Is ‘A Civil Rights Organization’

by David Badash on February 15, 2013

in News,Opinion,Politics,Religion

Bill Donohue, the bombastic blowhard head of the Catholic League, today announced the forty-year old Roman Catholic warrior machine is in actuality “a civil rights organization.” The Catholic League’s main focus under Donohue’s 20-year tenure has been to stave off attacks on the Vatican and Roman Catholicism. The Catholic League, which reportedly has tens of millions of dollars in assets, for several years has run full-page ads in the New York Times defending pedophile priests.


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Donohue made the remarks via a statement of the Catholic League’s website, in response to a growing number of statements from supporters and opponents of the Roman Catholic Church, hoping to affect the future of the Holy See.

“The decision of Pope Benedict XVI to retire has elicited a surge of unsolicited advice on how the Catholic Church must change, Donohue notes. “Paradoxically, most of it is coming from those who are not exactly connected to the Church: we are hearing from ex-Catholics, those with one foot out the door, and non-Catholics. Much of their advice has to do with sex, proving once again that it is not the Church that is obsessed with sex—it is the Church’s critics.”

Donohue explains:

We are not an advisory group, nor are we a theological debating society. We are a civil rights organization. Our job is to defend the right of the Church to proclaim the Gospel as it sees fit.

And adds:

Moreover, we adamantly reject the notion that there can be parallel teaching bodies: the Magisterium, which is the pope in communion with the bishops, is the sole teaching body of the Catholic Church. It is their rights we defend.

A quick examination of practically any dictionary or similar resource will quickly reveal that civil rights are rights that protect individual freedoms from oppression by government or other ruling bodies, including the Roman Catholic Church. The Church does not have “civil rights,” and it’s truly offensive for the head of an organization obsessed with ensuring the denial of equality and civil rights of LGBT people — including the civil right to civil marriage — exhibiting the utter gall to misappropriate the mantle of civil rights for his own nefarious purposes.

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The Catholic League — essentially Donohue and a tiny handful of staffers — has spent decades and millions of dollars — supposedly none of it via the Vatican — denying basic human rights in a most uncivil manner to minorities.

In addition to supporting pedophile priests and wrongly blaming homosexuality and not the Church for the rape of thousands upon thousands of innocent children, Donohue, who calls victims of pedophile priests, “a pitiful bunch of malcontents,” and “professional victims,” has made a career out of  uncivil stunts, include posting a video showing Donohue submerging a bobble-headed doll of President Barack Obama in faux feces.

Just last month, Donohue suggested being pro-gay is akin to being Marxist, suggested Barack Obama is a Marxist, and stated, “perhaps it would make more sense for [President Obama] to swear on Das Kapital” when taking the oath of office at his second inauguration.

Are those the words one would expect from the leader of a civil rights organization?

Last year, Donohue on CNN, in a debate with HRC’s Chad Griffin, told Piers Morgan “I want the law to discriminate against all alternative lifestyles” — meaning, gay people.

Are those the words one would expect from the leader of a civil rights organization?

That same day last year, the very day President Obama said he supports same-sex marriage, Donohue fear-mongered with suggestions that polygamy will be Obama’s next step.

Are those the words one would expect from the leader of a civil rights organization?



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Huntercgo February 16, 2013 at 6:59 am

"Our job is to defend the right of the Church to proclaim the Gospel as it sees fit."

Particularly the part about "suffer the children. . . ."

It's not really very original of Donohue to try to co-opt the civil rights mantle — in fact, he's a little late to the game. All the major pro gay-bashers are already there. But then, Donohue doesn't seem to be the brightest porch light on the block.

Alex_Parrish February 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm

Well — I suppose it is time that NAMBLA got some support from somebody somewhere and I guess this is a good group to provide it given their support of pedophiles in the past. Meh. /sarcasm

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