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Best Palin “Surveyors Marks, Not Crosshairs” Debunking Ever

by David Badash on January 16, 2011

in News,Politics

Post image for Best Palin “Surveyors Marks, Not Crosshairs” Debunking Ever

Barry Blitt, who creates many of the illustrations that accompany Frank Rich’s weekly column at the New York Times, including this one, deserves an award, not only for this, but for all his work. I stand in awe of him, and this.

And if you’re about to claim the Democrats did it too, here’s why you’re wrong. And here’s why this is one more element of The End Of A Sarah Palin Presidency.

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danthedanimal January 16, 2011 at 12:55 pm

I personally believe we should hire a professional "surveyor" to "survey" Sarah Palin down in the streets. Perhaps best "surveyed" from a grassy knoll?

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