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Benham Brothers: Deny ‘Homosexual Community… Every Permit They Ask For’

by David Badash on May 9, 2014

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,News

Post image for Benham Brothers: Deny ‘Homosexual Community… Every Permit They Ask For’

Speaking at a city council meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, David Benham and Jason Benham spoke out against allowing the city to issue a permit for a gay pride parade. When the LGBT community wants to access its constitutional rights — be they marriage, or even free speech — the Benhams want to deny them those rights. But the religious right comes to their aid when a private entitity — HGTV — deems their actions unworthy of their company’s programming.

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The Benhams, of course, are the twins and business partners whose HGTV reality show pilot was canceled this week after news broke of their hate speech against LGBT people. HGTV has not said why thy canceled the show, but the religious right is claiming the Benhams are victims and were fired for merely observing their religious beliefs.

The meeting was held in November of 2004, and Jeremy Hooper at Good As You, in an exclusive report today, revealed the city’s official notes (PDF) from that city council meeting.

Curiously, almost all the testimony before and after the Benham brothers’ includes phrases like, “I was there with a group of Christians who were peacefully and lawfully bringing a gospel message to the attendees,” and, “I also attended that event, not as a participant, but as a witness for Christ,” and, “I am 17 years old and was at the Gay Pride event to share the love of Jesus with these people,” and this one:

“My motivation for going to the Bank of America, Charlotte Pride Gay Lesbian Festival at Marshall Park on May 1 of this year was to offer help, hope and deliverance in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Men and women are trapped in this lifestyle that leads to destruction. There were several people that day that I was able to speak with.”

Here’s the complete testimony from the Benham Brothers (we’ve excluded their home addresses):

David Benham said I would agree 100% that this type of activity is destructive, and a tragedy. If you will look in your packet you will see one of the shems, his name was Steve the Drag Queen. He described some of the acts he witnessed and feels the Council has had the wool pulled over their eyes because the permit says for celebration and fellowship for the lesbian, gay bisexual transgender community. I saw first hand what celebration and fellowship was all about. This is filth, this is vile and should not be allowed in our City. I have a one-year old, a three-year old and a five-year old and I want them to grow up in a city that will honor the folks that are in it.

Jason Benham said I have a 6-month old daughter and a 2 1⁄2 year old little boy and when I stood out there in Marshall Park and heard the comedian say I am an out lesbian, I love 4-year old girls and I call them “dykes on triks, they are hard to come by but, boy are they good.” I stood out there crying in my heart that only 40 or 50 of us Christian men went out there to try to give these homosexuals another answer. We were not there to bash them, we were there to tell them that Jesus loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way. They have a right to apply for this permit, but you have a right and responsibility to deny it. I employ you not to be governed by the fear in which you feel. If you deny them this permit you will open a can of worms but you in your leadership position have to take that responsibility and you have to not allow the fear of making this homosexual community mad. You have to accept that responsibility and deny them every permit that they ask for.

In fairness, the same speakers who mentioned they were there, “bringing a gospel message to the attendees,” also claimed there was lewd behavior and nudity at the previous parade, but the objective should not have been – as the Benhams demanded — to deny “this homosexual community…every permit that they ask for,” the objective should have been to enforce the law.

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Gay pride parades are “filth,” and “vile,” the Benhams say. “Jesus loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way,” they say of gay people. “Homosexuals” need “another answer.”

This is how the Benhams “love homosexuals.”

Constitutionally-protected free speech and freedom of religious expression for radical Christian extremists, but no constitutionally-protected free speech or freedom of expression — nor marriage rights – for the LGBT community. That’s the religious right’s true goal.


Image: Facebook


Benham Brothers: HGTV ‘Was Bullied’ Into Canceling Our Show (Video)

Listen Live: Anti-Gay Benham Brothers Talk With A Veteran LGBT Activist

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ForeverBoy May 9, 2014 at 4:18 pm

So thankful these guys and their type love me so much to want to save me from the horribly destructive trap I am caught in. It's amazing to be loved and cared for this much. I really need to speak to these two guys soon, because if I don't, well, I just don't know what horrible things I won't be able to stop from happening.

Thank God for them, and thank God they know what is best for me and so many others.

My pride is truly brought low by their inspiring level of humbleness.

scootsie72 May 9, 2014 at 5:21 pm

I agree. Praise the lord for sending these angels of mercy to save me from this destructive lifestyle. I'm running home right now to tell my husband that our love for each other and life we've shared for 20 YEARS NOW is destructive and tragic. I will tell him to fear not, there are people who can help us escape this horror we apparently have been living for so long.

Wow, I never realized how unhappy we are! Every hug or…GASP!…kiss we've shared with each other has been a cry for help and we've been crying out silently for 20 YEARS!

I can't wait for them to set me right and find me the woman I was really meant to be with. It's gonna be awesome!!

ForeverBoy May 9, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I'm so happy that you too have discovered how all those naked, sex in the street pride parades you attend each week are not the right way to live. And yes, also that you've seen that your attempts at the building of a stable, ethical life that contributes to society with your partner are actually causing the destruction of everyone else's moral fiber and the downfall of America. Yes, your life is a sham, the devil hiding in every corner of your home. And all the greed in politics and churches, all the corrupt leaders and the need for them to preach and teach fear filled doctrines so that they can save America …it is all so very much our fault. Praise God for His righteous judgement in allowing this to be true.

But I'm so torn and afraid, what if I can't stop being so prideful and controlling and judgemental of others who want to help me. What if I can't stop trying to change laws that somehow destroy their lives and their definition of marriage? What if my rights to live the constitution and have no fear of violence and discrimination can't take a back seat to their love & desire to save me? What if, in the end, I can never accept that they have the one correct interpretation of the bible, the absolutely right-on modern flavor of Christianity? And what if I can't accept what I know in my heart to be true… that they know the mind of God and speak for Him, that they should be given complete control over my disgusting rainbow filled life?

I need to just leave my partner of 25 years now, I suppose, find a women of God and prepare for the painful changes to come down the road when we follow Leviticus and sell our daughters into righteous polygamous marriages …and of course the stoning and rapes to come too. That's going to be hard.

I'll break the news to him tomorrow.

Tonight the best I can do is throw out those marinating shrimp in the fridge, for the eating of shellfish is an abomination.

James_M_Martin May 10, 2014 at 9:12 am

When the brothers got canceled, they protested that they are not homophobic. Guess this shoots down that notion.

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