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Ben Affleck And SNL Mock ‘Pray The Gay Away’ In Summer Camp Skit

by David Badash on May 20, 2013

in Celebrities,News

Post image for Ben Affleck And SNL Mock ‘Pray The Gay Away’ In Summer Camp Skit

Ben Affleck played an “ex-gay” summer camp counselor on Saturday Night Live, mocking the fraudulent “ex-gay” movement and the concept of “pray away the gay.” In a skit about “New Beginnings,” in “Flagstaff,” a summer camp for gay kids whose parents want them to become straight, Affleck said he he “loved” being gay — before he became straight. “It felt natural and right,” Affleck admitted, as he slung quips like “hetero is better, yo.”

“After a couple of very not-straight musical performances and conversations about Ralph Macchio‘s lips in The Outsiders and a scheduled hot-dog eating contest,” Mediaite notes, “Marvin gave up and decided to simply dim the lights and let the boys ‘tear each other apart’ because this just isn’t going to work.”

Afflect has been a strong LGBT rights and same-sex marriage supporter for the past decade.

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david0296 May 20, 2013 at 10:43 am

It was a generic "gay" skit that depended on gay stereotypes to get laughs. Taran Killam was dressed in an effeminate t-shirt with beads; and the big payoff joke was Ben Affleck almost kissing a man (because that would be so incredibly funny). The skit really went nowhere, had almost nothing to say, and basically ended for no apparent reason other than to end it. No doubt, SNL has no gay writers on their staff.

Magwai19 August 2, 2013 at 1:40 pm

stereotypes exist for a reason. They are developed over long periods of time from extended participant observation and hold a firm grip with the reality of expected behaviors from groups of people. There will always be people who don't "fit stereotypes" who get angry at people use those stereotypes to get a laugh. But there will always be people who very much fit the stereotypes every day who will keep them alive. Did you even notice the other stereotype used in the skit? Like how the black camp counselor was dressed very "black", in his dew rag, gold chains, and white tank top?

The reality is that stereotypes will always be around and used. How people use them is what makes the difference. This skit uses them to clearly try to distinguish the gay campers (and obviously gay counselors) from the "straight" Ben Affleck. The skit did have a very positive message; that "pray the gay away" is a stupid concept and doesn't work. I agree that it ended rather abruptly, but that's what happens when you only have 4 minutes to try to get a message across.

BJLincoln May 20, 2013 at 11:50 am

It was funny but could have been better. Benn should have kissed the guy. That would have ended it on a better note. I agree with David above, SNL must not have any gay writers.

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