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Bachmann’s Latest: “We’re Becoming A Dictatorship”

by David Badash on April 6, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Bachmann’s Latest: “We’re Becoming A Dictatorship”

Michele Bachmann, dissatisfied with her diminishing role in national politics, sat down in an interview with Victoria Jackson‘s “Politichicks” and said, “We’re becoming a dictatorship,” adding, “We don’t elect a president, we elect a healthcare dictator.” Bachmann also trounced Barack Obama‘s foreign successes, twisted foreign policy facts, and blamed President Obama for what she perceives as a “hyperkinetic” level of terroristic activity, while claiming Obama has followed a policy of “unilateral disarmament.”

Bachmann, in the 17 minute interview, claimed there is a rise in Sharia law and stoked fears of Sharia overtaking American law.

Bachmann also railed against the FBI’s removal of anti-Muslim training materials, and calls Iran “a third-world basket case…trying to nuke up.”

Bachmann claims she is “a high-value target for the Democrats.”

She truly has an over-inflated sense of self. But then again, she gave an interview to Politichicks, so she must be desperate…

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eroissyfr April 6, 2012 at 10:32 am

It always amazes me how the Republicans forget they had a war criminal in office for 8 years who systematically stripped away our constitutional rights and freedoms all in the name of security. The same guy who bullied congress by calling them unpatriotic if they disagreed with him and his fascist policies in the wake of 9/11. And let's not forget his sidekick tricky Dick.

Either way, Bachmann needs to crawl back into the kitchen and shut the hell up. The media needs to stop speaking with her, and I use the term media very very loosely. Between her and Palin, I think we have all had enough of the crazy.

labman57 April 7, 2012 at 10:43 am

Congressional Republicans, committed to their 2010 campaign promise to "do the people's business", have opted to discuss the issues that concern the majority of Americans. 

No, not the economic recovery (since it is improving dramatically) or national security (since al qaeda has been greatly diminished as a threat) … instead they have predictably decided to focus on the issues that have become the keystone of conservative politics — gutting environmental regulations, creating new tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy, neutering labor unions, outlawing gay marriage, making contraception less accessible, and mandating that women provide a womb with a view.

In addition, there seems to be a direct causal relationship between the extent of right wing anxiety and desperation regarding the upcoming election and the magnitude of their irrational anti-Obama rhetoric.

So conservative politicians and their pundit friends in the blogosphere have returned to their favorite turf, hurling hyperbolic rhetoric, racially-insensitive epithets, and fact-devoid, inflammatory accusations about Obama being elected illegitimately, sinisterly undermining the Constitution and conspiring to create a dictatorship, as well as the evils of birth control and a mythical "war on Christianity" … and the American people are responding, "WTF are you talking about???"

shle896 April 8, 2012 at 4:17 pm

Did anybody think to ask for examples? Those are some broad statements, so she should be made to supply the specifics. Of course she can't, because they're not there, but please, let's stop giving crazy whack job politicians an open mic with no follow-up questions. Leave that brand of "journalism" to Fox "News". They're the best at it.

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