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  • Mike Huckabee Pleads With Australia To Stop Canceling Anti-Gay Hate Group Conference Venues

    Mike Huckabee joins 79 other religious leaders in pleading with Australia to stop canceling venues for the international conference of a U.S. based anti-gay hate group's conference, slated to start Saturday.

    The World Congress of Families is a purveyor of ideologies so right-wing they weren't even popular a century ago. A certified anti-gay hate group,  the WCF exists to "affirm that the natural human family is established by the Creator and essential to good society." They say their "purpose" is to "defend the family and to guide public policy and cultural norms" on all of these issues: "divorce, devaluation of parenting, declining family time, morally relativistic public education, confusions over sexual identity, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, poverty, human trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, isolation of the elderly, excessive taxation and below-replacement fertility."

    Clearly, they're very busy people.

    In short, they're an Illinois based anti-gay, anti-women hate group that recently has applauded Vladimir Putin's war on gay people.

    One of their international conferences starts this weekend, and the WCF's leaders are even busier than usual. 

    On top of finding solutions to "confusions over sexual identity" and other "problems," they are now scrambling to find a venue in Australia that won't cancel on them. 

    Three already have.

    "After two venue changes so far, the Conference is now scheduled to happen at Brunswick’s Aurora Receptions," Same Same reports.

    And, unfortunately for the World Congress of Families, Brunswick’s Aurora Receptions just canceled on them too.

    So flustered are they that, as Buzzfeed Australia reports, the World Congress of Families published a letter explaining that they're just innocent victims of  “unremitting and grossly misleading attacks" by "sexual radicals" who have "launched a smear campaign" against them.

    And who has signed on to this open letter to the good people of Australia?

    80 religious zealots in total. Among those from the U.S.:

    Former GOP Governor of Arkansas and Fox News host Mike Huckabee.

    Also, National Organization For Marriage President Brian Brown.

    Barbwire founder Matt Barber.

    Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, of the anti-gay hate group, Liberty Counsel.

    Tom Delay, former Republican Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives. 

    And several other anti-gay leaders.

    On Saturday there is a pro-equality Day of Action scheduled to "Give the World Congress of Families the welcome they deserve!"


    Image: World Congress of Families 2012. Photo by HazteOir.org via Flickr

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    • commented 2015-04-08 13:24:36 -0400
      Self-Righteous LITTLE men use the idea of “What GOD wants!” to promote their own agenda. They use it to create war, cause death, discriminate, in order to get rid of anyone who may oppose them. GOD mad everything! It’s men that decide what was a MISTAKE!

      These OLD men must be SO Sexually Frustrated at their age that they have nothing better to do than to get into other peoples business! Get a LIFE, and keep your nose in your own business! GOD didn’t die, and you didn’t take his place!!!!!

    • commented 2014-08-25 23:32:20 -0400
      @tony Thompson,
      While I agree to you in theory, put into practice, it hasn’t made a lick of good either way. These churches, who do deserve some protection from the first amendment, are the first to call LGBT community sinners, damned to hell, spawn of the devil, criminals, pedophiles, you name it. They claim we are responsible for the economy, disease, autism, natural disasters, pretty much everything. I don’t think it would harm them as much to have hate speech laws enacted that might hurt their feelings, considering everything I’ve written here.

    • commented 2014-08-25 23:08:17 -0400
      I’m leery of hate speech laws, because that opens the doors to criminalizing criticism of religious beliefs (laws against blasphemy). Yes, there’s a huge distinction to be made between hate speech targeted at women or LGBT or People of Color and “hate speech” targeted at religious belief (the former brings harm to the targeted group, the latter causes hurt feelings at worst), but that distinction is often not recognized by people.

    • commented 2014-08-25 20:09:26 -0400
      To Dale Kinneman: Homophobia is a mental illness. Read: Slaaten, Hilde; Anderssen, Norman & Hetland, Jørn (2014, Jul). “Endorsement of male role norms and gay-related name-calling.” Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol 15(3):: 335-345. and McDermott, Ryon C.; Schwartz, Jonathan P.; Lindley, Lori D.; Proietti, Josiah S. (2014, Apr). “Exploring men’s homophobia: Associations with religious fundamentalism and gender role conflict domains.” Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol 15(2): 191-200. .

    • commented 2014-08-25 20:03:37 -0400
      If one wonders why increasing numbers of people are leaving Christianity and religion in general, all they need to do is reflect on the message of hatred by the pastors, priests, and preachers around the world that ignore the very message of Jesus. Homosexuality as a word or action is nowhere to be found in the gospels, and was only injected into the epistles because of poor translation. The word homosexual did not appear in any lexicon or later dictionary until 1863, but that does not stop the poorly educated Huckabee or the other purveyors of hatred where education is not their long suit. Their bitterness is only matched by the Duggers—also of Arkansas. It is time to pull the tax exempt status from these organized hate groups.

    • commented 2014-08-25 19:29:58 -0400
      I think homophobia is a serious mental disease.

    • commented 2014-08-25 10:05:46 -0400
      I wish we had laws against hate speech.
      If they can’t find a spot there, will they have to come home? If so, is it too bad of me to wish they go down in the ocean?

    • commented 2014-08-25 09:43:28 -0400
      Y’know guys, many countries have anti hate speech laws…meaning you guys…really, the US is the only developed country you guys could go to.

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