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Are Fox News Commenters Worse Than Neo-Nazi White Supremacists?

by David Badash on November 28, 2011

in Discrimination,Media,News,Politics

Post image for Are Fox News Commenters Worse Than Neo-Nazi White Supremacists?

Are the readers who comment on Fox News’ site worse — even greater racists — than the people who use the Neo-Nazi Internet forum Stormfront? Conservative blogger Charles Johnson, who founded and runs the famous site Little Green Footballs seems to think they’re “indistinguishable.”

Reading a story on Wycliff Jean’s Haiti charity published on Fox News today, Johnson noticed the comments on the story were fueled by racist slurs, including many instances of the “n” word.

“If I hadn’t seen this happen over and over and over at right wing websites, I might be shocked by the proud, open racism expressed by Fox News commenters in this article about Wyclef Jean’s Haitian charity fund,” Johnson writes.

The article, “Questions Raised Over Allotment of Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Fund,” currently has 1346 comments. Johnson pulled a few examples, including:

What’s the most confusing day of the year for a NlGGER?

Father’s Day.

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How do you hide something from a nig- Put it in a book.

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Next, time God, brings his wrath on Haiti; let them fend for them self!! No, Money!, and No Aid!! Better that Haiti sank into the sea and the population with it!!


This NIGGERis anti-gay from what I hear. Maybe it’s time to LYNCHthisNIGGER.

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Nigs stealing from and exploiting their own people? I don’t believe it….that never happens. Oh wait….that’s what happened during the slave trade!

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Iza Koon 8 hours ago


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Never let these jigaboos claim they invented everything. They would take credit for the Airplane and Wheel too if they could.

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Johnson adds, “As I’ve noted before, Fox News commenters are indistinguishable from the commenters at neo-Nazi hate site Stormfront.”

Having never heard of Stormfront, I did some research.

Wikipedia notes,

Stormfront is a white nationalist and supremacist neo-Nazi Internet forum that has been described as the Internet’s first major hate site.

Stormfront began as an online bulletin board system in the early 1990s before being established as a website in 1995 by former Ku Klux Klan leader and white nationalist activist Don Black. It received national attention in the United States in 2000 after being featured as the subject of a documentary, Stormfront has been the subject of controversy after being removed from French and German Google indexes, for targeting an online FOX News poll on racial segregation, and for having political candidates as members. Its prominence has grown since the 1990s, attracting attention from watchdog organizations that oppose racism and antisemitism.

The website is structured as a theme-based discussion forum with numerous boards for topics including ideology, science, revisionism, homeschooling, and self defense. Stormfront also hosts news stories, a merchandise store, content aimed at children, and extensive links to racist organizations. The site has a logo featuring a Celtic cross common to neo-nazi iconography surrounded by the motto “White Pride World Wide”.


I visited Stormfront, which, surprisingly, I did not have to register with to search and read.

Here are some of the comments in the thread based on the Wycliff Jean charity story:

“Haiti, Africa, Mexico, the Middle East and black America should have been flushed down the toilet a long time ago. When we stop allowing white liberalism and Jews to dictate our responses, it will happen.”

“blacks cheating blacks. proof human evolution considers blacks replaceable.”

“Did he think nobody would check? Oreilly has been doing checks on these kinds of things since 9/11. These crooks just can’t help themselves.”

“I remember this having come out very early on, and I remember watching his speech full of phony emotion as he denied the allegations. Just another self-serving negroid who doesn’t care about his home nation of which he’s supposedly so proud. What a joke. What’s more is that we shouldn’t even know or care about this, because Wyclef and all his racial brethren should not be in our lands, period.”

Both sets are disgusting and offensive. I leave the judgment of which are worse up to you.

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BobwaSEAWA November 29, 2011 at 12:27 am

I don't see any difference between them at all. Just like the screaming teabaggers, the only thing they didn't carry around were the swastikas and wear those white hoods. It's really disgusting really, because no matter what color someone is on Earth, they have all contributed to the good and bad of what has happened on Earth and unfortunately the whites have killed more people of different colors, religions, etc. than any other group, not because of some need, but mostly because of hatred, ignorance and greed.

mindweapon November 29, 2011 at 1:30 pm

A girl I went to school with was murdered by her boyfriend, who happened to be African-American, and over at this site:

They made a thread about her and said all kind of mean things about her. I couldn't do anything to stop it! They really really get mad when white girls have African-American boyfriends, and highlight every possible time an inter-racial romance goes wrong. What if inter-racial romance had been illegal in Hawaii in 1960? We woudlnl't have had President Obama, and notice, Barack Obama Sr. didn't hurt or kill Ann Dunham.

Here's my first experience with an inter-racial romance going horribly wrong:

It's true that a lot of white and Asian girls get murdered by their black boyfriends, but racism is just so awful that I think it's the price we have to pay. I just hope my own young female relatives don't have to pay the ultimate price for our wonderful and progressive multicultural society. Sheri Morton, from the link above, had dollar bills stamped onto her bloodied body, she died defending her mixed race baby, and the knife was left sticking out of her eye. But you have to weigh this against racism versus knife sticking out of eye. I'll take knife sticking out of the eye any day, because racism is the most horrible thing there is.

bostonparentjim December 8, 2011 at 10:36 am

I have two issues: 1) Is a news segment that runs sensational trailers during sweeps week which prey on fear and hate of scapegoat populations. 2) I have grave concerns about Mike Beaudets now appearent confirmed history of LYING TO BOSTON, especially when he was trusted with issues on child safety.

Why Fox 25 WFXT in Boston seems to have completely failed to respond to the issue, not even saying that they take the concern seriously and will do what they believe is right, escapes me.

Did you guys see this by the way? Kinda weird to write poetry on this issue but its really worth reading:

ReedP938 December 20, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I do see a little difference. The Neo-Nazis seem to have better spelling and grammar ability, and largely know how to use capital letters and write complete thoughts.
Arguably, that makes them worse since they're smart enough to know better and Fox commenters are not.

It's a really small sample size, though, so I wouldn't make any conclusions from this.

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