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Antonio Banderas Sounds Off – It’s Not Gays Who Are Mentally Ill, It’s Homophobes

by Jean Ann Esselink on May 12, 2014

in Celebrities,Jean Ann Esselink,News

Post image for Antonio Banderas Sounds Off – It’s Not Gays Who Are Mentally Ill, It’s Homophobes

Hollywood star Antonio Banderas rejects the idea gay people have a psychological disorder. The way he sees it, it is the people who relentlessly persecute gays who have the mental problem.

Banderas: (translation)

“Those who judge gay couples in an intolerant way, they seem to me to be much more sick. Gay people on the other hand, absolutely do not appear to me to be sick.”

Banderas was given his first big career break by openly gay director Pedro Almodovarin in the movie Labyrinth of Passion. He played a gay terrorist with an exceptional sense of smell. That role led to a larger part in Almodovar’s explicitly gay film Law of Desire.

Banderas recalled his role in that film in an interview with Peru’s Canal N TV on Friday, questioning why it was the consensual gay sex in the movie that caused a stir, and not the fact he throws his lover’s boyfriend off a cliff after trying to rape him.

Banderas: (translation)

“The murder was fine, it’s something accepted from an artistic point of view. But two people of the same sex kissing on screen generated a wave of controversy at the time.

Banderas immigrated from Spain, a predominately Catholic Country which angered the Vatican in 2005 when it became the third country in the world to embrace marriage equality. He said earlier this month that he is in favor of that decision, and hopes the Church will soften its stance under Pope Francis.


“I think right now the Church is inching closer to reality every day. And I think a Latin American pope is making giant steps.”

Banderas also played Tom Hanks’ attentive partner in the AIDS drama Philadelphia and starred with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as a gay vampire in Anne Rice’s Interview With a Vampire, but in real life he’s a straight ally. He’s been with Melanie Griffith since 1995.



Photo via Facebook

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mysticmarly May 13, 2014 at 2:34 am

Love Antonio Banderas!

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